Choose Career Coaching if you are unhappy at work, or not sure what to do?

Career coaching is beneficial from 14/15 to 70+.

I can help with all aspects of making education, career and later life choices. As a career psychologist I combine career coaching, vocational guidance, in-depth knowledge of psychology and the work place and heaps of inspiration.

Whether you need to understand more about yourself to make a career choice, develop strategies to get promoted, or to deal with a challenging situation, career coaching & vocational guidance will help.

You now have 4 choices:


Career Discovery Coaching – Is essential when you need help to make a career change. This is the option if you are thinking of changing jobs but are not sure what to move to. I provide individual career coaching sessions and career coaching programmes which include assessments. Read more

Career Management Focuses on managing your career: getting promoted, getting on track and managing different and difficult situations. If you wonder if you should change jobs, feel stuck or want help in managing any aspect of your working life choose career management coaching. You may want to choose career coaching to help you to raise your profile. I can also help you have create a better blend between work and your wider life. Read more.

Career Review ServiceBy taking time each year to check how things are going you can identify feelings of dissatisfaction and adjust on a more regular basis rather than waiting for things to get to a more extreme point. Together we can create a plan to make changes in the job alongside wider life considerations. Read more.


Career Guidance with Teenagers, Students and Graduates – The work I do can help young people to choose: A levels or other post 16 study, degree subject and specialism, first job and possible career path. We can fast track everything for a graduate. Read more.


Considering setting up your own business? It’s a big step and I want you to be well prepared. This means taking some time to understand who you are. Also, to be clear on what’s important to you and coming up with ideas before making a choice. My career coaching can then help you make your dream a reality. Read more.

  1. RETIREMENT (and Pretirement) PLANNING

Some people still take a traditional approach. They reach company retirement age, and move into a different phase. Look at the advertisements and it’s cruises and downsizing. This works for some, but others are looking for something different. Some have no plans to retire, they want to keep going till they drop! This could be down to necessity, they don’t have enough money coming in. Others have more to give and want to continue to learn and develop. Others see it as a gradual process. They may leave employment for a time, but then return later to something different. Read more.

 OR … if you want career coaching support within your organisation, I’ve got this covered too. Read more here.