Choose Careers Coaching to find out what you want to do. It’s effective, and you get results quickly.


Careers coaching will help help you with a career change.It’s hard to do it on your own.

If you sell a house, you use an estate agent.  If you have money to invest you use an Independent Financial Advisor. You are smart enough to know that making a career change will be much more effective choosing specialist careers coaching. Specialist careers coaching is an investment not a cost.

A specialist careers coach can help you understand who you are, help you create a plan to achieve a satisfying career and help move you quicker through the stress of job search.

This isn’t careers coaching with someone who has done a one-day course or basing their support on personal experience, but effective careers coaching and careers counselling with a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Career Development Professional. I’ve specialised in helping clients make a career change for over twenty years. I’ve worked effectively one to one with 2000+ clients. I combine effective careers advice and vocational guidance with open careers coaching supported by assessments and creative exercises.

It’s not just helping you to get another job, we can also discuss self-employment or creating a portfolio career.

Careers coaching

Are you unhappy in your job and know there must be something better?  I have the expertise to help you decide on the career change that will be right for you.

Careers Coaching will be valuable at all ages

Many of us fall into a career without giving it much thought. We don’t take account of what’s important and can get seduced by the monetary rewards. Or we were chasing someone else’s dream. Many of my clients chose medicine or law to follow a parent’s dream or down to the status of the role. it’s often in our late 20s that we first have these feelings of dissatisfaction. This can return in our 40s and 50s when we think we have one last chance to get career fulfilment.

Careers coaching can lead to increased self-awareness, clarity of focus and a plan for achieving your career goals. These goals are based on both realism and personal objectives. As your careers coach I will work to support you to achieve your objectives. I’ll support you to make the career change that is right for you. I’ll share relevant knowledge and ‘how to …’ through effective careers advice. I won’t tell you what to do but I’ll open your mind to possibilities and then help you draw down to a decision.

Careers coaching utilises reflective exercises, inventories, career tests and in-depth careers advice discussions. We’ll look to the past, and find out more about who you are. We will identify where your talents and interests lie. I’ll then provide you with structured career guidance to help you explore options and create an action plan.

Making a career change

Do you hate your job, don’t find it enjoyable and feel unmotivated? Do you wonder if there is something better out there? Maybe you climbed the career ladder, and now you have reached the top you realise you climbed the wrong one (Denise did that!).

First we look at who you are: we look to the past, where you have been and what you have done. We identify your strengths – both your skills (motivated and burnout skills). We also identifiy your actual abilities – the things that come easy for you. Plus your personality, values, career drivers, ideal work environment, long term goals and more.

Clients will often include assessments – in particular the Highlands Ability Battery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Strong Interest Inventory. Follow the assessments link to find out more.

As your careers coach, I  will give you my  individual attention and expert careers advice and guidance to help you seek clarity in decision making.

Once you know yourself it is time to move on to explore ideas and options. Careers Coaching doesn’t stop. You will be provided with a framework – the Exploring Options eBook to enable you to be clear both on what you want from a job. This helps in making a choice of what type of work to focus on.

Careers Coaching will also  provide the help you need to explore these ideas even deeper. We will use discussions and meetings. This leads onto an Action Plan and you are then ready for job search.

Get careers coaching the way you want it!

I’ve the flexibility to provide help in different ways. You may want to follow a careers coaching programme or choose pay as you go’ so you remain in control.  I’ll help you to make the right choice to meet your needs and budget.

Individual Careers Coaching Sessions

Understanding me (1 hour)

This would be the first step of a careers coaching programme; you will get a deeper understanding of who you are looking at – Skills, Career Drivers, Interests, Ideal Work Environment, Wider goals, look at your past and more. We don’t reach conclusions about your career choices, but we will draw out what you already know about yourself before going on to the assessment phase.

Meet on Skype £150 or meet in person £175 – If you earn over £70k the fee is £165 Skype or £190 in person.

Discover Session (1 hour)

Are you just not sure what you want but feel stuck and need to get moving? On a limited budget and want one session to move you on? I’ve got a perfect option – the Discover Session. The session goes at a brisk pace and takes you to a point where you can explore options, with specific guidance to help you.

I’ll give you some pre-work to get you thinking in advance.  It’s not hard, but by being reflective we will make best use of our time together.

  • I’m going to share lots of ideas and suggestions.
  • I’ll even record the call so you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything.
  • I’ll follow up with relevant material to ensure you keep focused.

One week on you will send an update of what you have done and I’ll send you back further ideas and suggestions.

Meet on Skype £150 or meet in person £175 – If you earn over £70k the fee is £165 Skype or £190 in person.


 Discover Plus

You get everything included above, you also get to take the Strong Interest Inventory and we extend the session to 90 minutes (or 2 x 45 minute sessions by Skype). You get some pre work and post session guidance.  This is £265 by Skype or £295 in person.

Career Discovery Self Study Option

The Career Discovery Self Study Option works really well for people who like to work at their own pace, take time to be reflective and want to be taken step by step, through a process to understand who they are and really define what they want out of a career.

To really make the right career decision you need to take a wide ranging view. Follow this career discovery programme and you will cover EVERYTHING to make a well-informed career decision and make the career change that is right for you.

This is a comprehensive online career change programme to get you reflecting on your past, a deeper understanding of who you are and guidance to develop a range of ideas. We then move into practicalities and also how to research options. Very thorough!

I’ve a separate page with full details


Individual careers coaching session (50 minutes)

Choose this as follow on to any other work we have done together. It can also be chosen if you have a specific issue you would like to address such as how to deal with a tricky work situation or to talk through a dilemma.

Meet on Skype £100 or meet in person £115 – If you earn over £70k the fee is £115 Skype or £125 in person.


 Career Assessment Programmes

Career assessments can be taken alone or combined to form a careers coaching programme.

I recommend assessments to increase self-awareness and help with making objective career choices. Some are self-report but others such as the Highlands Ability Battery provide an objective analysis of your key strengths, going beyond what you think you know about yourself. A feedback discussion from an experienced psychologist means you get a far deeper understanding than using free and low cost reports available elsewhere.

1. Bronze Careers Coaching Programme by Phone/Skype

The Bronze Careers Coaching programme includes

The MBTI Step 1 to understand your personality. You can use this information to help enhance relationships and to understand more about how you gather information, make decisions and preferred working style.

The Strong Interest Inventory to find out what sorts of courses and career people with similar interests to you choose, thus widening out your options.

Both assessments are discussed in a 1-hour session. We also have a further 1-hour discussion to use these results and to consider next steps. We include careers coaching and guidance on job search,  creating a plan for jobs to explore using the Exploring Options eBook.

Buy as a package and save £20 – Total fee £315


2. Silver Careers Coaching Programme – by Phone/Skype

I recently took part in the silver programme with Denise and found the programme to be very beneficial to my situation.  I was confused about where I was going and need to take control of my career.  I needed Denise’s help to bring some focus and perspective back to my current role but also to look beyond my current role and look at other career avenues.  Having taken part in the sessions, I have a much better understanding of my own skills and abilities as well as a plan for my career in the short, medium and longer term.  Thank you Denise for your help. 

The Silver Careers Coaching Programme includes the Highlands Ability Battery (to really help with a deepened analysis of who you are and the type of work areas that will suit you most) with extensive reports, recording of our discussion and additional reference material to enhance your understanding.

Alongside the comprehensive Highlands report you also get a personalised career report on why you should review certain career paths, and I’ll include guidance for how to explore jobs using the Exploring Options eBook.

This includes

  • The Career Success Inventory and discuss in a 30 minute session;
  • The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and discuss in a session of about 90 minutes;
  • Undertake personal research using the highly regarded Exploring Options eBook. This includes links to suggested websites and a structured approach to considering options. You should be able to narrow down your choice to make a decision.
  • Follow up 30 minute session to help you to confirm next steps.

£542 ‘A la Carte’ or buy as a package and save – Total fee £487. You can also meet with Denise in person for a small (£25) additional fee.

3. Silver Plus Careers Coaching Programme – by Phone/Skype

  • Work through the Career Success Inventory and discuss in a session of one-hour.
  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory and receive full colour report and guidance notes.
  • Complete the Highlands Ability Battery and discuss in a session of about 90 minutes.
  • Further 50-minute session to bring all the results together.
  • Undertake personal research using the highly regarded Exploring Options eBook. This includes links to suggested websites and a structured approach to considering options. You should be able to narrow down your choice to make a decision.
  • Access to your choice of online programme – choose between The Successful CV or How to use LinkedIn to manage your career (worth at least £47)
  • Further 30-minute session to review progress (taken within 3 months)

£761 ‘A la Carte’ or buy as a package and save – Total fee £697. You can also meet with Denise in person for an additional fee.

 4. Award Winning Gold Careers Coaching Programme

This award winning Gold Careers Coaching programme is based on the systematic use of reputable assessments, coaching and guidance. The Gold Careers Coaching Programme was developed to offer a cost effective service to help people to understand who they are and what they want to do.

In November 2007 it was awarded a National Career Award, (winner of the working with adult’s category) from the Institute of Careers Guidance (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper).

In addition to everything included in the Silver Plus Careers Coaching Programme you also take and receive feedback on the MBTI Step 2. I also post you a pack of values cards with full guidance on how to complete. This programme also includes 45 minutes of additional coaching. So you spend over 5 hours working with Denise.

The Gold Careers Coaching Programme for career changers combines 3 phases and is personalised for you after the first session to ensure the most relevant exercises and assessments are chosen.

You can read more about the Gold Programme here.

 5. Platinum Careers Coaching Programme

A very comprehensive service to include everything in the Gold Programme alongside additional assessments and more discussion time. You spend over 10 hours with Denise. Please ask for more details.


Compare Options

The chart below lets you see the prices of the individual elements of my Careers Coaching services. You can use this to help create the perfect programme for you. If you want to discuss, Denise is happy to schedule time to discuss your options.


Careers Coaching


Careers Coaching Payments

Once you are ready to go ahead you can pay online, using my secure payment portal. this enables you to pay using World Pay or PayPal or you can choose to pay by bank transfer. Once you pay for your chosen service you will get everything you need.

Here is the link to the payments page 


Not sure what you want? I offer a 15 minute complimentary discussion. To make the best use of this time please email some details on your situation or use the contact form. We’ll then schedule a time to talk – phone or Skype.