Interview Coaching can help you get the job you want. 

You probably don’t go for many interviews; you need expert guidance to help you perform at your best.

Don’t let nerves get in the way, don’t fail to follow best practice. Get some expert interview coaching to enable you to perform at your best.

Too many people let themselves down – their interview preparation is ineffective and they fail to make an impact. You need to have an effective interview technique and do relevant and targeted preparation, interview coaching with an experienced interviewer will increase your chance of success.

To give you the very best chance of success, my interview coaching will help you in different ways. We will cover

  • The importance of research – to demonstrate you understand the organisations’ situation, to be ready for the difficult interview questions and to allow you to ask relevant questions;
  • Developing the right mind set to make sure you feel motivated and have the inner belief to get the job;
  • Identifying key detail from the job ad and other material;
  • Everything you need to answer competency based questions. Be coached in a structure for how to answer, and I will work with you to identify examples to discuss;
  • What to do when you have been sacked, or you are seen as a job hopper:
  • How to follow up.

Denise is a sought after consultant used by a wide range of organisations as an interviewer and assessor. Previously she was responsible for training ALL assessors within the Post Office businesses.  Read about Denise’s relevant experience

‘Interview coaching with Denise was instrumental in me passing the selection panel’ David W. Read more Client feedback

Choose the online interview module as part of your preparation or stand alone.


You probably don’t go for many interviews; you want the job – my interview coaching will help.

The Interview Coaching on-line programme – £57

Choose this online interview coaching course as part of your preparation or stand alone. It’s just like you have me by your side and you can get me to repeat – again and again!

Click on this link to find out all the details and try some sample lessons.

Get access to 13 videos covering all aspects of interviews. There’s a lot to take in so I’ve broken it down so you can focus on the support you need, when you need it.

The first video discusses why you may not get a job, what an interviewer is looking for, Different types of interview, the interview from the interviewer’s perspective, and styles of questions. Further videos cover all aspects of the interview, bringing my Interviews eBook to life. I provide extensive examples and a clear process to answer competency based interview questions. This is also helpful when completing competency based application forms.

Each module includes relevant written materials – both articles and also my comprehensive 73 page eBook – Interviews: how to perform well at interview.


Expert hand-outs to support the videos covering

  • Body language
  • Competency based interviews
  • Google Questions
  • A mock interview
  • Interview review form
  • A personal inventory
  • Practice interview questions
  • Questions to ask
  • STAR (t)
  • Tell me about you

And two extra special bonuses

  • Think yourself to success
  • Thank you letter

These provide expert guidance to support the interview coaching videos. The videos and documents provide all you need to be successful at interview.

Choose the online interview module as part of your preparation or stand alone.


One to One interview coaching service

There are 3 stages to the interview coaching service:

1: Pre coaching

We discuss your forthcoming interview or objectives for the session by phone or email. You send in details of a job you have applied for, to enable me to effectively prepare. You get immediate access to the online interview coaching module. Work through the online interview coaching modules to help prepare for how you would answer specific interview questions and identify the questions that fill you with dread.

2: Interview coaching session (60 minutes)

We’ll discuss the interview process, including giving you feedback on first impressions and how you present yourself. You will practice responses to the questions you have prepared in a supportive environment. We will then dissect your responses. I’ll give you clear feedback from an interviewer’s perspective and then will move into interview coaching mode and we’ll discuss how to improve and ensure you are feeling much more confident.

The objective of the session is so that you will be able to present yourself well, answer difficult questions, know brilliant questions to ask at the end of the interview and not be fazed by salary discussions.

3: Follow up

You will receive an audio recording of the interview and any relevant key notes as reminders.

A 60-minute interview coaching session with access to the online interview coaching module (worth £57) starts at £165 by phone and from £197 when we meet in person. This is for my standard interview coaching session. Optional for a more personalised approach, depending on your requirements.

Interview Coaching Options


Assessment Centre Coaching

Many companies use assessment centres for selection and assessment centre coaching will increase your chance of success.


Denise is a highly experienced assessor, has trained hundreds of assessors and designed over 100 assessment centres. You will feel much more confident working with Denise for assessment centre coaching.

Assessment Centres are increasingly being used in the private and not for profit sectors. From retail to law, from charities to consultancies, they all make use of this effective method of selection.  Assessment Centres may seem like a long winded way of getting a job, but think of it more as lots of opportunities to demonstrate your strengths. But it’s easy to let yourself down, and assessment centre coaching can be very powerful.

Assessment Centre advice

At an interview you talk about what you can do. At assessment centres you will still be interviewed, but there is much more. You participate in a number of different activities giving you lots of chance to show how well you can do.

You need to be ready to perform well whether it be group exercises, case studies, case reports and presentations or role play interviews. All can be covered in assessment centre coaching.

Psychometric testing is an important aspect of most assessment centres and you can undertake practice tests as used in industry to increase your confidence and capability.

Assessment Centre coaching is practical coaching and customised to suit your particular requirements. You will understand the reasons for each particular element of the assessment centre, what assessors are looking for and practical activities to ensure you perform at your best.

Denise Taylor is used as an assessor with companies as diverse as the Civil Service Fast Stream, Rugby Cement, Christian Aid, Vodafone, Royal Mail and the Prison Service and since 1988 has assessed well over 2,500 people. 

Read why you should choose Denise for Assessment Centre and Interview coaching.

Assessment centre coaching is personalised to your requirements so get in touch to discuss your requirements,

Presentation skills coaching

You may be asked to prepare for a 5-10-minute presentation as part of an interview. This can make candidates feel even more apprehensive than an interview.

Relax, let me guide you through how to prepare, focus on the key message, give a clear presentation and anticipate questions. I will listen carefully (with my assessor hat on) and provide clear feedback on how you performed. I will then switch to coach mode to enable you to learn how to improve.

These sessions can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the level of support required. We can focus on style, content or both.

If you feel reasonably confident with your presentation but want accurate and helpful feedback, then a 30-minute session may be all that you need.

If you are feeling rising panic and don’t know where to start you may want to opt for 2 x 1 hour sessions. In this case we will get a plan and structure together in session 1; you will work on this at home over the next couple of days and then return to review and fine tune it.

Interested? Please get in touch to discuss this as a one off service or part of job search support.