You know what you want to do, but you aren't having success in your job search. Job search coaching will help.

The first step – Get clarity over what you are going to do next.

What will you do?

  • More of the same, something different or a radical change? Review your personal strengths, looking beyond your current job, consider interests, transferable skills, longer term goals, values, passions etc.

How to make a decision

  • Weighing up options, balancing desires with practicalities such as financial considerations.

Name it

  • Be clear on the job you seek.

If this is unclear, you need to work on career discovery first.

Finding the authentic you

  • Why should you get the job? What will make you stand out from other people?

I can help you be clear on this area and we then use this to create your job search materials.

Wherever you are in your job search I can help.

CVs and Cover Letters

Does your CV need minor changes or more substantial work. How effective are your cover letters? Creating a CV that will get you noticed, making it a 'must read' and capturing what you want. Read more

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

For most people an effective presence on LinkedIn is as  essential as your CV. Would you be happy for a potential employer to look you up on line. Read more

Helping you Stand Out

If you don't know what makes you different from others you will be seen as a commodity. You need to understand what makes you you. Read more

Interview Coaching

Are you Interview ready? We can help you prepare for a competency based interview, and assessment centre. Read more

Ongoing Job Search Support

Once the preparation is done its time to start marketing yourself. From applying to jobs you see advertised to taking a direct approach my job search support will guide you to be more effective.

Traditional job search: Getting ready to tackle the advertised job market – applying for job vacancies in the printed and on line media and approaching agencies.

Networking: Talking with people can often be a successful method to help in getting a new job. We discuss how to do this and choose the right strategy for your particular personal style. I have a great method of helping introverts to network.

Being Found: Developing or enhancing your online presence through using social media and in particular getting an effective online presence.

The unadvertised job market: Learn all about how to approach companies direct and getting the best out of social media, including LinkedIn.

Staying focused and keeping motivation high: It’s hard work looking for a new job, there’s quite a bit of rejection and frustration. Learn some valuable techniques and strategies and consider the benefits of voluntary work alongside looking for a new job.

Read more

Find work at 50+

Why do people struggle with job search?

Job search is hard, many people give up and stay in a job that makes them unhappy for 3 main reasons:

  1. Not knowing where to start – there are so many job sites, which are best and how do you allocate your time? How do you find the unadvertised market?
  2. There’s too much to do – CV updates, interview coaching, building your network, undertake informational interviews, start a blog … how do you decide what to do next, sometimes it is easier not to start.
  3. It’s hard to stay motivated – you know what to do but you don’t do what you know, it’s easier to watch TV or surf online than carefully craft a cover letter or follow up with a potential networking contact.

My new book, Find Work at 50+ is a great resource, and still relevant if you are a lot younger. One of my clients aged 31 said – What a helpful book, it's by my side throughout my job search.


Why work with Denise

  • I have personal experience on how to perform well at interview, progressing through numerous interviews and assessment centres to reach Assistant Director with the Post Office, I started as a counter clerk. I also have credibility gained through my work as a Chartered Psychologist specialising in assessment and recruitment.
  • I’ve designed literally hundreds of assessment centres and my interview and assessment centre experience is with thousands of candidates.
  • Job seekers work with me to draw on my extensive experience in recruitment and assessment. I’m regularly used as an external expert by companies, helping them with recruitment, predominately with graduates, professionals and senior managers. My knowledge and experience includes being head of assessor training whilst working for the Post Office, responsible for training ALL assessors covering graduate to senior level appointments.
  • I can help you create a CV and LinkedIn profile that makes an impact, learn how to shine at interview, perform well at an assessment centre and how to be proactive rather than follow traditional job search methods.