Understanding your personal branding and being able to use social media can help you create an impact in your career and job search.

To be more successful you don't have to change who you are, you need to become more of who you are. You need to ask yourself “in what way am I truly remarkable?”


Imagine a world without competition. A world where people want to work with you, because of the unique value you bring. Stop trying to fit in and stand out for who you are. We all have unique qualities and should focus on using these – offering our distinct value. If you try and be the same as everyone else, you have become a commodity and can only compete on price.

Jobs may change, jobs may become obsolete, but who you are doesn’t change.


It’s not enough to be great. you have to stand out in some way. Don't try to be better, highlight how you are different.


Being successful at work means

  • Knowing who you are
  • Understanding your customers – the people who pay you
  • Creating a clear message

I help through

  • Knowledge of psychology. I'm an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with an MSc in Occupational Psychology and Diploma in Coaching
  • Understanding of business. I was an assistant director with Royal Mail, have an MBA and coach business leaders
  • Keeping up to date and knowledgeable on personal marketing. I am a Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Social Branding Analyst, author of 8 career books, featured as guest expert in the media and much more.


Knowing Who I Am – My Signature Advantage

We talk about you, through guided discussions and the use of relevant exercises. To deepen your understanding, I recommend the following assessments

  • Highlands Ability Batteryto understand your natural talents and abilities. This is a premium 3-hour assessment followed by a 90-minute discussion.
  • MBTI Step 2 – this goes into much greater depth into personal style, looking at sub scales; the report includes a personal development plan. We also get clear on your preferred style – such as to challenge and be direct, supportive, intuitive.
  • Fascination Advantage – not personality, but based on marketing, helping you to understand how the world sees you.
  • Signature Strengthsa free assessment with overview report, you have an option to pay for the more detailed report. Strengths that come easy can easily be dismissed, but they don’t always come easy to others.

Your story we talk about the unique successes and challenges in your life. We pick out key stories to help people to relate to you.

Your values and what you stand for – what is it that drives you, both internally and externally. What are you passionate about? What are the ‘must have’s’ in your life?


Understanding My Customers, And Competitors

We need to look ‘out there’ and through discussion and exercises we will identify your competitors and look at what makes you different, how you add value. There’s an option to seek feedback from customers and co-workers.

  • Same/difference exercise – one of several I will draw on to help deepen your understanding.
  • Fascination Advantage – use your report and my guidance to help you to stand out and develop your clear message.
  • Reach 360 – a survey with a detailed report, how do the people you know see you?

What is the experience you want your customers, colleagues and others to have when they interact with you?

What words do you want them to use when talking about you and your business?

These can become the ‘signature elements’ you put in place to stand out.


Create A Clear Message

We now focus on communicating your message by using the work we have done to create your marketing materials. I also draw on my expertise in personal branding to enhance and focus your message. I want you to stop blending into the background and move into centre stage. We all like ice cream, most of us will eat vanilla, but it’s not our favourite – be pistachio and the people that love it will want it!

  • Personal Branding – follow a process with online guidance supported by cutting edge discussion.
  • CV and LinkedIn profile – don’t be bland, I’ll help you create impact!
  • In conversation and presentation from the words you use, to colours and fonts, all are communicating who you are.


Interested in talking about how I can help? Please get in touch to arrange our complimentary discussion