You could spend 30+ years in retirement, what sort of retirement do you want to have? 

Retirement is one of the most difficult life adjustments adults make. A recent survey showed that 41% of those who recently retired didn’t want to settle for a typical retirement. They still want the challenge of work, and the feeling of accomplishment that came with the job. Let me help you to find out the right career option and life style options for you that meets your needs and utilises your natural talents and abilities. 

Many people have reached the company retirement age but are not yet ready to stop working.  What are you going to do next?  You could stack shelves in the supermarket? Do voluntary work? Or perhaps you have some dreams you still want to achieve.

You may have sufficient money so you don’t need to work, but having been a bit of a workaholic are wondering whether playing golf and household chores will be enough. A number of clients opt to take the Highlands Ability Battery.  Not only to help think around work options but also for developing new hobbies and interests in music, arts, genealogy etc.

Or perhaps you never did get around to investing for the future and you need to earn just to pay the bills?

Take some time to plan the rest of your life, and explore paid work and other interests.

The Highlands Ability Battery can be very helpful for this next stage of your life, and can help you to consider what you want to do forpaid work and other activities. I remember discussing this with someone of about your age and he said that the results really helped to make sense of his past and was helpful for the future.

 I’d be very happy to chat with you about this, and you may also like to have a trial go read more about the highlands ability battery at

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