Stop being so busy

Busy! I used to work double shifts – there was always so much to do, and I prioritised my work. This past year I’ve spent less time working, I have been more focused, but I have a busy social life. I love new experiences so why stay in when there is a band to watch. … Continued


We must all follow our vision quest to discover ourselves, and to find our relationship with the world around us. I’m at a point in my life where I want to think again on my life purpose but this time to do it in nature. I want to get in touch with the deeper part … Continued

I’m a person not a bot

I like technology and will use it when it is helpful – such as to enable people to book appointments in my online diary simply, rather than playing phone tag. I recently signed up for a service that would allow me to have bots answering questions – so you would think you were chatting online … Continued

Learn to love the rain, and difficult people

“What a horrible day. I wish it would stop raining” So many people say this, but I rarely do.  I don’t mind the rain, as long as I dress for the weather, and I have proper waterproofs for festivals. I love living in England where we have a mix of weather. Sometimes it is hot, … Continued

Personality Don’t rush – take your time

Recently back from a holiday and I got thinking about people’s approach to travel to the airport. I allow masses of time. I want to get through passport control and take time to relax.  I usually book an airport lounge so I can have a couple of drinks and some food. Things normally work well, … Continued

Teenage Job Search Tips

This article is focused on Teenage Job Search; not everyone teenager wants to go to university. It can be hard to get a job without work experience, and this article on Teenage Job Search will help. It’s written for your teenager to read and action. Build evidence of your employability while studying. As a school student … Continued

Should you send a thank you letter?

I encourage my clients to send a thank you message shortly after the interview. In the past you could post a letter but in a time critical situation you want to get it sent by email. Prep in advance and there is likely to just be one section to add in. Of course, you will … Continued

Stepping outside your comfort zone

Something I’d considered in the past was a comedy improv course.  Remember the TV programme, Whose Line Is It Anyway? There isn’t a script and you need to respond quickly to what other people say. I like to learn new things, being open to new experiences is part of who I am – I see … Continued

LinkedIn profile makeovers

I love to write, I love to capture the personality and voice of my clients. Creating LinkedIn profiles is one way I help clients. I’ve done extensive training and keep up to date via continual training and having to recertify each year. Recently I thought that a static page was not enough. So yesterday I … Continued

Replying to job ads – key advice

Replying to job ads – generally, there are 2 ways that people reply to job ads. Mainly they will pull out highlights from their background and send a generic cover letter to all job applications. The other way when replying to job ads is to take a diligent approach to showing how well you match … Continued