Teenager Job Hunting Tips for getting your first job

This article is focused on Teenager Job Hunting; not everyone wants to go to University and you may have a younger relative who plans to leave education at 18. It can be hard to get a job without work experience, and this article on Teenager Job Hunting will help. I'm sharing this now, in January, … Continued

Using MOOCs for professional development

MOOC stands for Massive, Open, Online Courses (Moocs) Massive because millions sign up for these, world-wide Open because most are free, and you don’t have to have specific qualifications to sign up (although sometimes a particular background is recommended). Online and available on the web via your phone as well as on your computer Course … Continued

Do we still need business cards?

I met up with Fiona and Caroline recently, and towards the end they handed over business cards.  I didn’t have any on me and it made me think – should I still have them? I’ve had so many different styles of business cards in the past, and learnt to have text on both sides. More … Continued

Start today – Stop waiting and take action today

I was about to watch a Clean Bandit video – Symphony, on YouTube and for once watched the ad. It was for Barclaycard, so the aim was to get people to sign up for a credit card. I stayed watching as the ad was set up as an experiment, and I could see the purpose. … Continued

Job Hunting: A better way to find a new job

Job Hunting   I regularly talk with people who are struggling with job hunting. Months have gone by and they still haven’t got a job offer, and not surprisingly are losing motivation and getting despondent. The first question I ask them is what they are looking for. But they can’t be specific, they are too … Continued

Human Needs – Why you are the way you are

Why you are the way you are Human Needs, an understanding of these are as important as our values. Many years ago, I went to Unleash the Power Within, with Anthony Robbins and later did Mastery University. He writes powerful personal development books and there are some good articles on his company website.     … Continued

Why Choose Amazing People, part 2

Personal Approach 1. A personal service built on flexibility You will receive an exceptional level of personal service where you are treated as an individual. Utilising career coaching, career counselling, career guidance and expert advice we will design a programme to meet your needs and budget. In addition to the complimentary 15 minute consultation we … Continued

How to stay motivated at work

How to stay motivated at work – a journalist rang and asked for some suggestions on this topic, here are some great ideas, which ones would you like to try first? How to stay motivated at work 1-5 Decide to like your job and the work that you do – give yourself a sense of … Continued

Career Stages

I wanted to talk with you about Career Stages. Our work life goes through career stages of development similar to our personal life. At times we are at turning points, at other times we are at building stages.  Career stages of development are not linked to specific ages.  At any time, we can ask questions … Continued