Job Search Tips for 1st time Job Seekers

Build evidence of your employability while studying. School students don’t undertake much part-time work, but you may have been babysitting or volunteering and you will have evidence to explain your responsibility and commitment. Be clear about what you did, how it helped and provide any details of things a bit out of the ordinary that … Continued

The Benefits of Being Grounded

You can literally be grounded, by walking on earth/grass/sand. And I love to do this as much as I can. When on my Vision Quest, without food, if I felt spacey, I was told to lie tummy down on the floor, to get back in touch with me. Being grounded means being present and at … Continued

Thinking Topic: How to converse

Most times people don’t have a conversation, they talk at people. Don’t really listen (as they are planning what to say next). As part of the Meaningful Discussions project I host, we discussed the topic – The Lost Art of Conversation. We watch a number of videos, and I diligently took notes. Here are some … Continued

Thinking topic: Life and Death

I’m a host for the Cheltenham group of Meaningful Discussions. Each month we cover a different topic. This week was – Life & Death We are sent links to a number of videos, everyone watches at least one, and then we meet up, buy a drink and something to eat and I divide people into … Continued

Five ways to ensure employee satisfaction

Whilst many people work because they love it and strive to have a career that they care about, employee satisfaction can also stem from a happy, healthy office environment. Employee satisfaction ensures that work is being done quickly and efficiently because the employee wants to work there, and means that the company is positively discussed … Continued

Don’t let your phone control you

Remember the old days when we only had a landline and it was in the hall, which was usually cold. So to answer the phone you had to go there, and probably sit on the stairs. But now – our phone is with us 24/7 and we can’t leave it alone. While away I’ve spent … Continued

How to structure your day

Starting a part-time PhD, I need to be well organised. I’ve set aside two days a week just for studying and I understand most people work a maximum of 6 hours a day. I want to work an 8-hour day, and I know that trying to work in a couple of long blocks won’t work, … Continued

It’s good to be quiet and take time for yourself

I’ve been on a group holiday. Fine if you like being social, but I like a lot of time to myself, and with a room mate who loved to talk it was tiring. We are different, and we need to respect differences. We can be quiet in the way we communicate. We can also be … Continued

We should act from compassion

There is something about spending time with Buddhist teachers; they radiate calmness and happiness.  I always feel more at peace. At a recent talk by the Venerable Joan from Kopan Monastery much of what she said resonated with my work.  I like that religion is downplayed and the focus is on personal or spiritual development. … Continued

Demonstrating empathy at interview

Most people think we are recruited for our skills, but these can be learned. What’s essential are well developed social skills.  Empathy is an important. Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. You can demonstrate this at interview when … Continued