How Adonis Creed can inspire our job search

Creed 2 is the recent follow on to the Rocky story. We know how these films end … but it is the journey that’s the interesting part. Preparing to defend a world championship is like preparing for job search. We must do more; and understand our opponent. Too often people follow the standard path, they … Continued

Redundancy – 7 key tips

7 key ‘Don’t panic’ tips for when you are made redundant   Treat it as an opportunity and a chance to take stock. Not many people love their job so take stock and work out what you would like to do – different company, different job, something radically different? Then create a plan to get there.  You … Continued

Using The 5 Chairs to improve communication

  Your friend or boss says something to you. Your partner didn’t respond as you wished. You put meaning to the words and respond. Maybe this went well, maybe you made the situation worse. The reason for miscommunication is that often we interpret behaviour, we view a situation through our own lens on how we … Continued

Be happy at work

  Happy at work – – You don’t need to find your passion to be happy. Read career articles and many will tell you that you need to find your passion to be happy. … but what evidence is there for this? Very little I’m not even sure happiness is the key determinator. Paul O’Keefe, “Parents, … Continued

Psychology of seat choice

Psychology of seat choice. I’ve been working with National Express to help promote the option to book a coach seat before you travel.  Analysis found some interesting data which lead to discussing the psychology of seat choice.                                     … Continued

Should you strive for more?

An interesting conversation … should we strive for more? I’m working with a couple of clients, recently moved to new jobs and both want to get ready for the next opportunity. They both have a great deal of energy and have a vision of where they want to be. They have invested in coaching and … Continued

Being Self-employed

If you are self employed or freelance you must understand marketing I complete a lot of Future Learn courses, but mainly I skim read through them. Digital Marketing – how to learn more One caught my eye – Digital Skills: Digital Marketing , I thought it helpful as I’m self employed.  I’ve worked through the 2 … Continued

Working Styles

We spend more time with the people we work with then with our partner at home. In both cases we can get frustrated. This is down to many reasons, often because of different personalities and working styles. We take a long time developing a relationship with a loved one. From a first date over coffee, … Continued

Minimise Phone Usage

I recognise I spend too much time looking at my phone. Watching TV, queuing in a shop, I can’t resist taking a peak.  I need to minimise phone usage.   I can go through emails fast, but once I get on Facebook … I’m caught with articles and links and before I know it 20 minutes … Continued