Parent Resources

I have a sub list aimed at parents and occasionally send out useful resources for them. My latest one included links to interesting resources Parental Influence: the key role played by parents in their children’s decisions about routes and pathways post-18 (36 page research paper as a PDF). Access here Your daughter’s future, a careers … Continued

How can a career coach help

Career Coach Help We want to be happy in our work, too many people aren’t and want to know if there is something better; they want to know how can a career coach help.     Whilst many people want to understand themselves more and are prepared for the process to take time I also … Continued

Learning more about blockchain

  Bitcoin is now fairly well known, a means of making financial transactions. Bitcoin is based on Block chain and I’ve been researching to understand more; these videos are helpful: How does a blockchain work, simply explained Blockchain and the middleman Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty  (I’ve set this to … Continued

Artificial Intelligence – how it is used in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in all aspects of our online lives. You may not be happy with technology and prefer the personal approach. You can still do this – you make contact with people and arrange to meet them but recognise that much of the recruitment process is now being automated. Let me look … Continued

Technology and the recruitment process

I encourage clients to have an effective LinkedIn profile, but I also ensure they have an effective CV/Resume. Despite LinkedIn claiming that an offer is made every 10 seconds, this is not based on your profile as almost all jobs advertised ask you to upload your CV for the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). ATS software … Continued

Improve your interview skills by recording your answers

How to improve your interview skills   Interview coaching to learn interview skills by recording your answer scan help you get the job. Getting one to one specific guidance will help you to prepare, answer questions more effectively and build confidence. You can help yourself improve your interview skills: Identify possible interview questions. Look at … Continued

Returning to work after a career break

Returning to work after a career break can be planned – taking time out to look after children, or can creep up on us. Perhaps following redundancy you took some time out and the weeks have turned into months and you have not really considered working for a while, or you took time out to … Continued

Tell Me about your Weaknesses – Interview answer

Tell Me about your Weaknesses Just because an interviewer asks you to ‘tell me about your weaknesses”, you don’t have to open up as if it’s a therapy session! In answer to – Tell Me about your Weaknesses, don’t tell the recruiter that you are shy and find it hard to strike up conversations with … Continued

21st Century Careers Advice

It’s important for me to keep up to date with changes in the workplace. I can’t help clients make career decisions or offer 21st Century Careers Advice without taking account of the broader context.   Back when I was an Assistant Director with Royal Mail, we did ‘due diligence’ we considered scenarios, we were cognisant of … Continued

Planning tools

I was sent a Great Minds Go Far Planner to review. It is based on the Go Far Method to keep us organised, especially around our personal goals.   The beautiful black box – very stylish contains Go Far Weekly Planner Goal Setting Guide Notebook Just like a 1980s planner you can add and remove … Continued