My Digital Detox

I’m on the mailing list of Cal Newport and back in December he wanted to set up an experiment on taking a digital detox in January. I decided to start mine on 19 December as I was going to be on a small expedition ship for 2 weeks, with very expensive internet access and this … Continued

Are you afraid to make a career change?

Are you afraid to make a career change? Any major change can make us fearful, it’s a normal reaction as we are on the way to something new.  We aren’t sure on how the future will work out and we can focus on the worst possible outcome. This is known as catastrophising. I’m good at … Continued

Career Decision Making

Career Decision Making – How well do you know yourself? In Ancient Greece if you wanted to ask a question of the oracle at Delphi you were faced with an inscription as you reached the temple of Athena – “gnothi seauton” which translates to know thyself. To seek help from the oracles, you needed to … Continued

Improving Memory

  At all ages we want to improve our memory, whether it’s revising for exams or because we are getting a bit concerned of our recall and fear mental impairment. Too often, especially when revising for exams we just focus on taking material in. But our brains need time to store and file this input. … Continued

Is a Lack of Charisma Holding You Back?

By Hal Lancaster Frustrated executives are continually asking me why – despite their blue-chip resumes and track records – they are bypassed for the jobs and promotions they covet. In many cases, I fear, the answer has to do with a shortage of personal charisma. The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the tougher … Continued

The importance of common sense

Book Smart v Street Smart – could a lack of common sense be holding you back in life? Common sense is a form of practical decision-making and the ability to imagine the consequences of something you do. It stops us making irrational mistakes and makes it easier to make choices on what to do.  We … Continued

Higher and degree apprenticeships

University is not the only answer. There is increasing realisation that a university education is not going to be right for each person but as parents we can be unsure of the apprenticeship options. To help my clients I've drawn together some helpful resources, A good place to start is with the Higher and degree … Continued

Undercover Job Search – 7 essential tips

Undercover Job Search. Looking for a new job when you are employed can make you feel like an undercover agent, needing to cover your tracks. Le'ts look at 7 tips. I've written these as 3 of my recent clients are unhappy at work and are looking for a new job, they all need some Undercover … Continued