Working in TV

So you want a job in TV, but how do you get into it? Recently I have found a website which looks very useful to give you advice and to get started.  you do need to pay, but it appears to be worth it. Visit the site here: denise x

Art Graduates – do you want a corporate job?

I’ve recently read that arts students have lower career expectations and are less likely to apply to graduate recruitment schemes than those doing vocational subjects (research from market research company: High Flyers). I’m wondering, is this because they don’t seek to work in a corporate environment or is it that they don’t think they will … Continued

Baby Steps move us on, even when we feel a bit down

I had a message from someone who has had an awful lot of challenges and setbacks in his life, but things are moving forward. He’s now got some voluntary work.   I wrote back to him and said: “I think it is really great news that you are taking on some voluntary work – baby steps … Continued

Do YOU want to work beyond 65?

A survey by Manpower has found that 52% of employers want their staff to work beyond the age of 65 but only a third of people want to work byond this age. It all depends though on what job we do, plus personal circumstances. I’ve been listening to a song about miners (Harry Stone, by John Tams) … Continued

Study tips for students

It’s the time of year when you, or someone you know has exams coming up. Last year I wrote some notes to help my student clients, and this may be of interest for you. You need to think about: where do you study the need for a plan when to start revising how to revise … Continued

Using my space

It’s been a good weekend, I’ve learnt how to use myspace and have added on quite a bit about me, I’m trying to get the balance right between the work and the personal me, not certain about putting music on it, but, for the people who will find me on my space they will probably … Continued

I'm on skype and myspace!

hope you are having a great weekend, the sun is shining and everything is great. Just a short message to let you know that I now have a skype name and a webcam so if you want to communicate with me via this, just get in touch. I’ve also got a myspace page set up, … Continued

Would you have cosmetic surgery to get a job?

In the Independent last weekend I read that in Korea, young people are seeking cosmetic plastic surgery to increase their chance of being hired.One young woman was applying for a job in a bank. As she would have to have her hair tied back she was having surgery on ears and also on her gums … Continued


May 2007Welcome to the May edition of Love your Job and a special welcome to the 23 new subscribers. I hope you have found the ten part series: how to get a job you’ll love useful, and would be really pleased if you asked others to subscribe so they can access it too! I’ve got … Continued

Accountancy (mini posting)

If you are thinking of accountancy as a career, or seeking to progress, there is an excellent online newsletter available here: