Are you being yourself?

Last night I participated in telephone class. Sometimes we pick up on something that rings so true. A comment was made “The only way to be successful is to be who you are”. It resonated with some of the Myers Briggs work I have been doing – encouraging clients to be themselves. Too often people … Continued

Relating at work

As a psychologist I’m very interested in the dynamics of relationships in the work place. Too often one persons behaviour can have a detrimental impact on a group. When someone demonstrates negatvie team working behaviours such as not pulling their weight, making negative comments etc it leads to us ewither having to work much harder … Continued

Positive thinking can help you to live longer

A study by psychologists at Yale University, led by Becca Levy, has found that people with a posiitve outliook will live on average 7.5 years longer than those who take a more gloomy persective. They based their findings on the results of a survey taken in 1975 with people aged 50 and over where people … Continued

Are you easily bored?

When clients chat about the reasons they are unhappy in their work they often cite boredom, and this can be when their work is complex, not just in routine jobs. Some recent research by Marion Martin, School of Health Professionals, University of Brighton has found that boredom arises largely from internal factors so even if … Continued

The Highlands Ability Battery – in overview

Real career success is rarely down to money and status and much more to do with finding a job which ties in with our   natural talents and abilities.  Understanding our natural abilities helps us understand why we find certain situations difficult and where we will gain most career satisfaction.  The Highlands Ability Battery is an   … Continued

Do you know the rules of job search?

You can’t effectively start searching for a new job unless you are clear on the job you are looking for. So do you know what you want to do? If not, have a look at the career coaching section of my website:  You must know what you want – which profession, what industry, size … Continued

Are you a player, a spectator or worse?

I recently had a clear out day in the office. I collect so much material that will be useful “one day” so chose to go through one pile.  So far a huge heap on the floor and less than 3 sides of typed notes – a success. Just come across a page of notes which has become separated from the … Continued

How to improve your study techniques

I’ve recently returned from a holiday in India and read an interesting brief article on study tecniques. If you are someone who finds it hard to concentrate, you can do a warm up exercise – Dr Samir Parikh suggested that before you start to study you should pick up a newspaper and circle out all … Continued