Money makes people selfish

In the Journal Science there was an article on a series of experiments that has shown that merely thinking about, or looking at money changes the way people behave, causing them to be more selfish and self sufficient. Participants first rearranged several jumbled lists of words to form sentences. Some participants were given word lists … Continued

The importance of follow through when job hunting

When you apply for a job what do you do next?Too many people wait, and wait and eventually they might get the “regret” letter but often people hear nothing.If you want the job, you can’t leave it to chance. You must folow through. When you submit your letter and CV by email, keep track of … Continued

When I grow up

In the Saturday edition of the Times there was an article and photographs on a number of famous people  – what they wanted to do for a living when they grew up: Graham Norton – a Zoo Keeper Dame Judy Dench – a ballerina Beverley Knight (Singer) – a barrister Cherie Booth – Prime Minister … Continued

Should you use "text" language in assessment centre exercises?

I finally saw it!  A report for an assessment exercise written with lots of “texting” abbreviations. OK, it might work for a job in e.g. the music industry, but writing e.g. “B4 ” in a written report, supposedly for the chief executive just got the assessors hackles rising. Generally you can use notes, but never … Continued

Would a second language enhance your career prospects?

I have worked with a couple of graduates this year who are still not getting any offers for graduate trainee schemes with blue chip companies. They need to do something to make them stand out from the rest. As UK companies are losing out because of a lack of language skills with their staff, becoming … Continued

You must have a CV

You must have a CV.  When ever you apply for a job you see advertised, or register with an agency, the first thing they will ask for is your CV.   It is a marketing document and its whole purpose is to sell you and get you to interview. I have seen literally thousands of CVs … Continued

Fun! – what celebrity do you look like

I read about this website where you can upload your ohoto and they will tell you which celebrity you look like – The article said that David Miliband had a 63% match for Rupert Grint. I’ve just done this and i’m a 68% match for Robert Downey Junior.  I know this is nothing to do … Continued

The benefits of career coaching

Sometimes people wonder about the benefits of careers coaching, they think they can do it on their own. Many can, and many will come back to me perhaps 6 months later, realising they still haven’t made much progress. I use different coaches on different occasions, and currently have a personal trainer at the gym. I’ve … Continued

An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots……….

 I’ve received this from a client, and I think it sums up well the importance of valuing our unique qualities.   An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole, which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot … Continued

Love your job – the career coaching newsletter

I send out a regular newsletter, and the latest one is to be found here It is so nice when I receive feedback and recently received this: “In response to your quote and the anecdote about your man on the train, I just wanted to say I think your newsletter is great – very … Continued