The Highlands Ability Battery

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know what your natural talents are – what you can do, rather than what you have learnt to do.  Imagine having the knowledge to understand why a particular job isn’t right for you – it’s not that you are stupid, but that it requires a different blend of talents than … Continued

Doctors and competency based application forms

I was listening to “You and Yours” on Radio 4 last Friday. One of the pieces was concerning junior doctors – 30,000 doctors are chasing 22,000 jobs. The process has changed and now doctors have to go through what seems to be central clearing. Through this they compete an online application form which is competency … Continued

Love Your job: March Newsletter

The latest edition of my newsletter is now available:  March 2007 Welcome to the March edition of Love your Job and welcome to the 27 new subscribers. I hope you have found the ten part series: how to get a job you’ll love useful, and would be really pleased if you asked others to subscribe … Continued

The Focus Phenomenon

 I’ve just come across a really interesting article, which should be of interest to you, especially the leaders out there:  So – it is that time when you decide you need to replace the car. You look at various brochures, adverts on TV and in magazines, and probably cut the list down to two or … Continued

Work your proper hours day – did you?

Last Friday was “Work your proper hours day”. Like many self employed people, my days can be long, but I do not have clients every day. However, most people do go into the work place each day and even though a contract may specify a certain number of hours per day (9 – 5.30 with … Continued

boys and girls at university

There was more about boys, girls and university in the Sunday Times (25th February). The article says that many boys are choosing not to go to university, and intend to opt for a more learning on the job role, such as working as a mechanic. These are not just boys with few academic qualifications, and the … Continued

Exams: why girls outperform boys, the historical perspective

I’m a regular reader of the New Statesman and I enjoy reading the column by Kira Cochrane, Womens editor of the Guardian. In the 12 February edition she wrote about the discussion on how girls are doing better in exams than boys. One view is that, due to continuous assessment, girls perform better. Kiras’s view … Continued

You don't need a tidy desk!

I read a review of a book “A perfect mess – the hidden benefits of disorder” by Eric Abrahamson. His research has found that people who keep a very neat desk spend on average 36% more time looking for things at work than people who said they keep a fairly messy desk.  I think he … Continued

University choices

  I read in the paper that students applying for university are seeking out courses with the best employment prospects.  This seems sensible, as the cost of going to university increases it is important to have value for money and to believe that it is going to benefit you.   The research has put an increase of … Continued

Treat people well

As a psychologist I am very observant to peoples’ behaviour and so often I notice situations getting out of hand when a different approach would have had a more favourable result. Whilst travelling to London by train last night, the train manager got into a bit of a confrontation with a passenger who was sat … Continued