Ramblings, including how to react to disappointments

 I finally got around to watching the Al Gore programme – An Inconvenient Truth.  This is a very powerful programme that really makes the case for caring over the environment. He referred to a Mark Twain quote: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that … Continued

When your career is killing you

This week I read in the newspaper about the death of Matthew Courtney, a 27 year old London based lawyer. He fell to his death at the Tate Modern, and the assumption is that he jumped. Matthew was an associate with a City law firm. The working life of a new associate is long hours, … Continued

MBTI – useful article from an expert

Continuing to go through my backlog of Google alerts, I’ve found this interesting article. Call it a Freudian slip. Or possibly Pavlov’s theory. Fold one arm over the other and see which arm is on top. Now, reverse your arms and put the other one on top. Feel awkward? This may seem like a silly … Continued

MBTI discussions on the web

For months I have been collecting Google alerts on a number of terms, including this one. One day I intended to review them and savour the knowledge and information. Well, I’ve just spent 30 minutes reviewing them and most of it is of little value. Because the MBTI is availalbe in a number of free … Continued

Assessments – MBTI, Strong, Highlands Ability Battery

If you are interested in assessments, you will find relevant articles here. There are many different assessments out there, and you can access free ones but free ones will never give you a proper interpretation. Free tests are usually a “rip off” version which break copyright laws. if you want to be guided to make … Continued

Becoming climate neutral

Climate change is one of the most urgent problems of our time, so making a personal commitment to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ is a step in the right direction to achieving a healthier environment. We have recently returned from a holiday in India with http://www.intrepidtravel.com and partly chose them as they are concerned about the … Continued

Career coaching available

 On my travels in India I spotted this road sign, don’t forget I offer this service and have already worked with two people who currently live in India.  

Women Make Better Leaders

In the latest edition of Psychology today, an article says that based on an analysis of 45 leadership studies they found that the best bosses are inspirational mentors who encourage their team to develop using a transformational style of management, rather than a transactional style, more used by men. The article is quite brief and … Continued

Will the right career choice extend your life?

I read a really interesting article in the Times yesterday. It was based on some analysis by the Pension Capital Strategies which says that people working in the financial services or aerospace and defence industries will live for more than 26 years after reaching the age of 60, whilst those in the construction and materials … Continued

Love your job – February Newsletter

Love Your Job – Helping you to love your job or to find a job you do love. February 2007Happy February, In England we’ve had a few cold days but it is still relatively mild. Christmas and New Year are becoming a memory, and it’s a while till Easter and a long weekend. When we … Continued