Why we should study maths

I often think the reason so many people are not interested in maths at school is that they can’t see the relevance to their lives. If more of our maths classes were focused on understanding interest rates and dividing a restaurant bill between 7, perhaps more would be interested. I know my maths skills increased … Continued

Text speak enters the classroom

My consultancy work includes working as an assessor, and I regularly read comprehensive written scripts for part of an assessment centre. One of the competences I need to mark is communication, and with the companies I work for they expect candidates to write using business English, and not text speak. However, about 10% of the … Continued

Should you take a second job?

One way to get into the job you really want is to develop some relevant skills and experience. So, for example, if you want to become a website designer you could undertake some commissions in your spare time.  I’ve come across a really interesting article that I hope you will find interesting: Second job can … Continued

What to do when you are anxious at job interviews

Question: I’ve been job interviewing for three years without success. I become anxious and the feeling can be overwhelming. Please help. Answer: Few situations are more stressful than those in which you’re being judged. Ask anyone who’s ever paraded down a red carpet or in front of a prom date. Feeling anxious about an interview … Continued

In praise of being ordinary

In the New Statesman, 4th December, I read a very interesting article “In praise of the ordinary child” by Viv Groskop. She was writing about some research undertaken by Dr Carol Dweck, psychology professor at Stanford who has recently studied a group of 11 year olds, (Generation Zero). She discovered that the parents of most … Continued

Civil servants heading for a breakdown

In the newspaper yesterday I read that doctors, teachers and other public sector workers are being treated for mental illness because of the “bureaucratic blame culture” in their working lives.  Dr Cantopher, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital said that 20 years ago most of his pateints were business leaders, but now the majority … Continued

Death knell for final salary pensions

In the old days the career transaction was that you worked steadily for a company, you climbed the career ladder and left at retirement with a gold watch, an index linked pension and moved into life as a Old Aged Pensioner. The final salary pension scheme meant that if you had completed your 40 years service … Continued

Rudolph Steiner Schools

I’ve worked with a number of clients for whom teaching is a good match for their personality and abilities but they have little interest in working in a state school. I suggest they look at Rudolph Steiner schools as it is a much more person focused means of learning. Today i’ve read a very good … Continued