Civil servants heading for a breakdown

In the newspaper yesterday I read that doctors, teachers and other public sector workers are being treated for mental illness because of the “bureaucratic blame culture” in their working lives.  Dr Cantopher, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital said that 20 years ago most of his pateints were business leaders, but now the majority … Continued

Death knell for final salary pensions

In the old days the career transaction was that you worked steadily for a company, you climbed the career ladder and left at retirement with a gold watch, an index linked pension and moved into life as a Old Aged Pensioner. The final salary pension scheme meant that if you had completed your 40 years service … Continued

Rudolph Steiner Schools

I’ve worked with a number of clients for whom teaching is a good match for their personality and abilities but they have little interest in working in a state school. I suggest they look at Rudolph Steiner schools as it is a much more person focused means of learning. Today i’ve read a very good … Continued

Recruitment Methods

I’m working as an assessor, helping to recruit graduates for the civil service and the process we use is thorough and validated. Candidates understand what they need to do and the assessors encourage them to do their best.   But other companies differ … I’ve read recently that B&Q ask prospective employees to dance to The … Continued

Job prospects fear as boys shun university

“Men face a struggle for good jobs in future as growing numbers of teenage boys shun university, Government officials have warned. Ministers are becoming increasingly concerned at the widening gender gap in higher education, after 22,500 more young women than men won university places last year”. “ But is this necessarily all gloom, perhaps young … Continued

Even the rich and famous can hate their jobs

 I read in the paper today that Hugh Grant is saying that he longs to pack in showbiz. To us he is wealthy and successful, but perhaps this isn’t the right business for him. He is lucky, he will have sufficient money to start again – to buy a farm like Liz Hurley or  move … Continued