Stop technology controlling you

This article is written for me, and people like me. People who get distracted. People who think social media is a good thing. I can hold back on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … my drug is FaceBook. It’s how I keep in touch with my friends, how I find out what’s going on – gigs to … Continued

The importance of self care

Selfcare is important. We can’t help others if we don’t look after ourselves first. On a plane we are told to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others. We need to do the same in life. We know this. But we forget this. I’m mindful of this as I’ve been busy of late … Continued

How authentic do you want to be?

How authentic do you want to be? If you’ve been following my blog posts, you know I’ve been writing about my need to be true to the person I am. One of my top values is authenticity. I’ve written about bring true to ourselves at work: Be You. Also on how I want to write … Continued

Be you …

Talking with a friend yesterday about how easy it is to be true to ourselves and how much we need to adapt to fit in with others’ expectations. We talked about work. Trying to be the sort of person you think an employer wants is hard. We must hold back on authenticity and present an … Continued

A vision for your life

I’m happy that I’ve got the reality of my vision for my life. I’m more focused on having a balanced life, but not just between work and my personal life. I want to give back to the community too. Work-Life Balance Since my transition to living alone last year this has been an easy one … Continued

Negative Emotions

A few weeks ago I wrote a post listing positive emotions. For many reasons we can find ourselves limited to just a few. But our vocabulary could be much wider, and we can use a wide range to describe a state beyond happy, sad, angry etc. Here’s the link to the positive emotions and in … Continued

Yes … And …

I regularly attend comedy improv classes. It’s both challenging and fun. I love to learn new things, and this is taking me outside my comfort zone which is a journey I encourage everyone to take. We learn through games. One such is ‘Yes … And’ We divide into triads and two of us perform a … Continued

Take a Panoramic View

We spend a lot of time looking at screens, we look straight ahead, focused on the task. But we miss things. Go out into nature and we benefit from looking wider – we may miss things if we only look straight ahead. What can help is to develop greater peripheral vision – to see what … Continued

Being Authentic

I want to write from the heart. To be authentic. To write things that are meaningful to me. I want to write posts to make people think, to give people like you some inspiration. I don’t want to write with SEO in mind. I’ve been mainly writing things to help my Amazing People Career Consultancy … Continued

Why people have a second job

I was on Radio Hereford & Gloucester on Friday 26th July, talking with Elliott Webb.  You can listen to the recording via this link. Not the best of recordings, but you can hear what I say. Listen to Denise here Many people will do shifts in the pub or work in the beauty/fitness industry but … Continued