Can’t work in a coffee shop

I can’t work in a coffee shop – I find it too loud to work I know this is meant to be the life for people who work from home, working from a coffee shop, but I can’t work in a coffee shop it is not working for me. I’m not only more introverted than … Continued

Top 40 jobs of the future

Planning a change of career, or seeking to advise your young adult child on career paths to explore? The list of the top 40 jobs of the future is worth a review. We no longer have a job for life, and many new jobs are being created particularly due to new technology. We make choices … Continued

Fast track your career by stepping outside your comfort zone

Fast track your career. Many years ago, a project was failing. 2 project managers couldn’t make it happen. I’d been designing some related training for the project sponsor and he asked me to take the project manager role on. Eyebrows were raised. I was an occupational psychologist, what did I know about managing a project? … Continued


I’ve sent my second parent Focus newsletter out today. If you would like to receive it you can use the form below or sign up here  Some of you will be parents of children planning for university this Autumn or it’s on the horizon. Here are some resources I thought would be helpful Know Before … Continued

CV advice from the experts

I undertake regular professional training to keep my skills up to date. Recently we had a session where recruiters gave CV advice This is the CV advice you need to read, then look at your CV and make changes. Change the objective statement for a summary Recruiters don’t care about what you want, it should … Continued

Weak Ties – the importance of weak ties

Many years ago (1973!), Mark S Granoveller published an article in the American Journal of Sociology on the Strength of Weak ties. We all know many people and with some we have strong ties, these are our close friends and part of our social network, we understand each other, do things together, we’ve got their … Continued

Learning from the Psychology of Football

This is the first year I’ve followed football. Taken to matches in the Northern Premier League as a child, I rebelled as soon as I could and proclaimed my indifference to football. But this World Cup … I’m gripped! I’m interested in the skill, but also the relationship side – and how the team work … Continued

Recruitment advice from Elon Musk

When asked by an audience member at Austin’s annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival on what has been his “biggest mistake,” entrepreneur and Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk said? “The biggest mistake, in general, I’ve made, is to put too much of a weighting on someone’s talent and not enough on their personality. And I’ve made … Continued

Parent Focus Newsletter

I’ve sent my first Parent Focus newsletter out today. If you would like to receive it you can sign up here This article will focus on helping our children move on from GCSEs. These exams are important but what will your child do next. The school holidays can be a useful time to invest in … Continued