Careers advice for teenagers is essential

Think about how much it costs to raise a child? How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university? A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters confidence level.

I help young people through career coaching either alone or combined with highly reputable assessments.

I also work with students and graduates, coaching them to create a job search strategy, plan ways to enhance their CV and much more.

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Also request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1′ for ages 11-16.


Thinking about the world of work can start from a young age, specific external support can start from the early teens and is highly valuable when making choices for GCSEs, ‘A’ levels and equivalent and post 18 choices.

It’s a competitive world and parents of teenagers can help by providing support and guidance to help them make choices at different ages.

Parents of children at all ages contact me to help their child start thinking about their career future and to ensure they make effective choices for milestones such as GCSEs and A levels. They are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering careers advice to young people and one who finds it easy to relate to teenagers.

 Career advice for teenagers at 13/14

Careers advice for teenagers can start at age 13 and even younger. This is not to define a career choice, but to help teenagers to understand the wide range of possible careers. Professional careers advice for teenagers along with parental support can provide encouragement to help a teenager to find out about careers and to help our teenagers understand more about their strengths and interests. This may be a good time to take something simple such as the Strong Interest Inventory to help with career suggestions. As a parent you can start discussing career ideas – please request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1 for ages 11-16.


 Career advice for teenagers – the GCSE years

Careers advice for teenagers as they approach their GCSE exams can help them consider their career choices after GCSEs. There are alternatives to ‘A’ levels, such as vocational qualifications. This is the perfect time to take the Highland Ability Battery and the information gained will be useful to improve study skills, understand strengths and increase self-esteem.

Both professional careers advice for teenagers and parental support can encourage career exploration, and career advice and support to encourage them to aim for something they really want to do. The Strong Interest Inventory is also helpful at this age and is a low cost option to help with career choice for students.

Evie says: “My talk with you has been so helpful and I’ve finally chosen my A levels. I’m happy with my choice, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without you so thank you so much.”

Teenage career choice can be difficult and a future career can seem as a distant objective, but getting a shortlist of career interests can help with identifying suitable part time work, and job shadowing. This is why I provide careers advice for teenagers. Assessments can be very helpful with career decision making.

 Many thanks for your time yesterday. It was extremely constructive and Rachel is now better placed to make a decision for her future, which is very exciting. The results, I believe, have already helped her confidence as she can see in black and white where her natural abilities are. She is already talking about using the facts when having to write her personal statement for her uni application and has found the whole process both interesting and beneficial and will be recommending you to her friends.

Careers advice for students – career choices for 18+

Careers advice for students is essential. Too many young people opt for university without any in-depth thought on why. Too often this leads to a wasted opportunity, too late they realise it was the wrong degree for the career path they now want to follow. Others drop out as emotionally not ready, or not getting sufficient support to help with the transition from school.

The investment to choose careers advice for students is just a small percentage of even one year at university, so money spent on careers advice for students is money well spent.

University career choice still involves deciding what course, what university and what career to aim for.

Student career guidance can help choose specialties such as in law or science. Taking career assessments can provide objective information on career options. I recommend career assessments alongside careers coaching as part of my careers advice for students service.

“It was difficult for myself as a parent to be able to confidently advise and guide my daughter in her post A level education. She was a good all-rounder and had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do. It was such a relief to discover Denise who is such a knowledgeable and caring career expert. I am now confident that Rebecca is moving in the right direction.” Carol Crowther (mother to Rebecca)

“It is a journey of discovery; you make many fascinating realisations about yourself along the way. The knowledge you acquire will benefit you for the rest of your life. As for me I have found the programme invaluable in making decisions about my future degree course at university.” Rebecca Crowther


Rather than just provide careers advice for teenagers, as a career psychologist I make effective use of career assessments, in particular the Highlands Ability Battery and the Strong Interest Inventory. I offer these assessments alongside career coaching.

Read on and get in touch for my detailed career leaflet.

Also request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1′ for ages 11-16.


The Student Assessment Package – aimed at those 18 and under (pre-university)

This comprises 2 assessments along with a 2-hour discussion

The Highlands Ability Battery will help to identify natural talents and abilities. It’s an objective assessment of how you perform against 19 different work samples. The assessment identifies how best you learn – through reading, listening, active involvement and whether seeing the information in chart or diagrammatic form helps or hinders. It also identifies how you best solve problems, how quick you are to come up with new ideas, whether strengths are in science or literature and much more.

The Strong Interest Inventory consists of 291 questions and based on the answers will provide a list of careers and study choices.

Both assessments are taken from your home computer, allowing about 3 ½ hours. We then meet for a session of about 2 hours to discuss both assessments, look for links between the assessments to identify potential career paths and /or to shortlist university courses. You then explore options, with guidance on how to do this.

Buy as a package and save – Total to pay £370

Additional coaching sessions can be added if required. For example:

  • Follow up session by Skype (30-45 minutes) taken about 4-8 weeks on to review exploration and discuss further
  • The MBTI personality assessment will help you be clearer about how you like to gather information and make decisions and understand more about your relationships with others. It can also help identify future career choices.


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Get ready for university – the pre university primer

Young people going to University face mounting debts with no guarantee of a good job on graduation. It’s vital that time at University is focused on the longer term. Of course university is a time for fun and making friends but it’s also the time for exploring options and gathering relevant experience to enhance their CV. This programme will make a significant difference to both time at university and also the chance of success in getting a job. What we cover is

Who am I?

  • Complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Step 2
  • Complete the Thomas Kilmann assessment to understand approach to dealing with conflict

First month at University

  • Making friends and building relationships – how to make the most of Fresher’s week
  • Learning to be independent, covering managing money and budgeting, time management and organisation, health and fitness
  • Joining clubs and societies
  • Study skills and getting the most from faculty
  • Strategies to cope when leaving home for the first time

The coaching sessions will focus on what is most relevant to you.

Building a great CV starts now

  • Work experience
  • Volunteering

This pre university primer is part of my careers advice for students service and comprises 2 sessions of about 90 minutes, making 3 hours in total.

Bought individually this would cost

  • MBTI Step 2 with discussion £155
  • TKI assessment £55
  • 2 x 50-minute coaching sessions £190

Buy as a programme and save – £365. Option to add on the Highlands Ability Battery


I’m interested in careers advice for teenagers. What next?

I’m more than happy to schedule a 15-minute enquiry call so please email me some details and we can arrange to talk. I offer flexibility and can put together a programme to meet your needs and budget, or choose to ‘pay as you go.’

Choose your option and make payment via the links on this page. I will then ensure you have all relevant preparation materials and we can schedule the coaching and feedback sessions.


Read on and get in touch for my detailed career leaflet.

Also request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1′ for ages 11-16.


To make payment please visit the payment page