Client Feedback – praise for the highlands ability battery

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What did you like, what was helpful about our session(s)? Having accumulated vast amounts of assessment info it was really good to have the opportunity to discuss and combine with the Highlands results to pull things together and focus. I found the Highlands results fascinating and even now I find myself self-reflecting when I realise I am doing things at work that I do not particularly enjoy. Gaining greater insight into who I am and my natural abilities are invaluable to finding my best career fit and purpose. I really appreciated the considerate and understanding approach that you offered and never felt pressured. It was just nice to be able to discuss things with someone that understood my situation.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how I could improve my communication or the way I worked with you? I probably could do with further discussions particularly around the Highlands and the job areas that this indicated. This is related to my perfectionist streak which means I always look for the ultimate answer!

What has been the key learning point for you? Completing personality assessments is one thing but to understand your natural talents and the differences between the specialist/generalist was truly enlightening. On a personal growth level, I actually think I now view life in a different way regarding people, their talents/weaknesses and how we all experience the world in different ways.

Would you work with me again? Would you recommend this service to your friends/colleagues? What would you say to them? Yes, definitely. I have recommended your friendly, caring and enlightening approach to friends and suggested they view your website. 

Have you any further comments which may be relevant to me? 

Just, thank you for listening!

Could I use this as a testimonial on my literature?   Yes 
From:  David Aldrich

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