Seal-Gold-Career-OnlineThe Gold Career Programme was the Winner of a National Career Award, 2007


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This award winning programme is based on the systematic use of reputable assessments, coaching and guidance. The Gold Career Programme was developed to offer a cost effective service to help people to understand who they are and what they want to do.

In November 2007 it was awarded a National Career Award, (winner of the working with adults category) from the Institute of Careers Guidance (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper).

The Gold programme takes a systematic approach to help you to understand who you are and clarify where you want your future to take you.

It is very popular, chosen by anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of themselves.The Gold programme for career changers combines 3 phases and is personalised for you after the first session to ensure the most relevant exercises and assessments are chosen.


Gold programmeCareer theory underpins the Gold Programme.  Career theory draws on three major domains of individual differences – cognitive (ability), conative (motivation and interest) and affective (personality). These are assessed via ability tests, personality questionnaire, and interest inventories. They produce a wealth of data, and working with a skilled psychologist will enable you to draw together the results of all to create meaningful decisions.


We go beyond this. We also consider the wider environment, values, skills, constraints, career history, and the current job market.

You have the option to be less focused on the results of assessments and more focused on increased personal discovery.  The more you understand who you are the better able you are to take advantage of opportunities that arise and to seek out steps to reach your personal career objectives.

We can meet by Skype or here in Tewkesbury. Many clients are based overseas including Daniela in Switzerland, Kate in Australia, Martin in Portugal, Frankie in the Netherlands, Robert in Thailand, Des in Dublin, Anna in Berkshire who was unable to travel due to family commitments and more,


“I would like to thank Denise for being an inspirational person, who can apply vast professional and personal experience into helping other people to excel in everything they do.  A combination of three assessments, values exercise, brainstorming session and further research is a stepping stone to finding a satisfying career.” Anna, London


Download an informative leaflet here. You may also like to compare against the other programmes so you can decide which best meets your needs.


Now read some feedback from satisfied clients:


“Whatever the outcome I am so pleased that I came to you.  I had been so down and thinking there was something wrong with me changing jobs and not knowing what I wanted to do.  This whole experience has been brilliant thank you.” Read the feedback letter


“I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide on the Gold Programme as pieced together they provide an amazing insight. This, mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful and patient coaching is a potent mixture for instigating change.  For the first time I feel assertive about who I am at work and, importantly, who and what I am not. I feel confident in my abilities and released from the need to be anything other than myself in defining and enjoying my future career.”  Read the feedback letter


“What can I say other than what a truly remarkable, knowledgeable and professional woman Denise Taylor is.   Denise is an expert in her field and she really does know how to channel this expertise. Her service is personal to each individual and this is what makes her programmes such a success. After 8 years of searching I have finally got back my life and a vision of a remarkable life and career at that. I owe this to Denise’s expert guidance. I would still be searching and wasting more valuable time if it wasn’t for Denise. Denise, thank you so much. I will never forget all that you have done for me.” Read the feedback letter


Read more feedback from clients who have completed the Gold Career Programme.


Once you are ready to go ahead you can pay online, using my secure payment portal – World Pay or PayPal or pay by bank transfer. Within 24 hours and often much sooner you will get whatever you need to get started. Visit the payment page and choose the options under section 3


Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email so we can discuss if this programme is right for you.

We’ll schedule our appointments, either by email or phone. Sessions will take place at Denise’s home office in Tewkesbury (GL20 8HL) or we work by phone or Skype (with webcam).