If you could live your life again …

The fantasy, if we could replay our lives we’d do it all so much better … sounds like a sci-fi book, and one I’ve recently read – Replay by Ken Grimwood.

I recommend this book, the story grabbed my attention and there was a satisfying ending.

But if we could?

We probably wouldn’t make the same mistakes, but we could make different ones … and our life may not be better, just different.

Sometimes I fantasise starting again, working harder at school, making different choices in my personal life but if I had, would I be happier in my life?

We are where we are.

So, if we do fantasise maybe we should take these fantasies and look how to make things real.

Any day is a good day to create the life you want.

You might not get to exactly where you want to be, I’m being realistic here, no matter how much I practice I’m not going to be an award-winning dancer, but I can practice and enjoy my dancing. For you, you may never get your painting in a major exhibition but you can be satisfied with what you produce and get positive feedback from friends and family.

I love helping people to move towards the life they want. It starts with checking out where you are now.

This is why I created the e-course – Loving My Life, guiding you in how to rate your life now in 10 different areas and make plans to move forwards. Not massive changes, but small changes that over time become significant.

You can access it using this link – just a simple signup for 14 lessons to move you forward.

And I’d love to hear how you get on. If I can help in any way, let me know.

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