Losing weight and self esteem

I get asked to comment on different topics, and with my weight loss of well over 10 stones, plus my background in psychology I get asked to comment on issues to do with weight loss and healthy eating.

A couple of days ago I was asked to comment on some research – young women who lose weight do not experience rises in self esteem.

Sarah Mustillo, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the learning institute, the main campus of which is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, US, noted: “Obese white girls had lower self-esteem than their normal-weight peers and their self-esteem remained flat even as they transitioned out of obesity.”

My response is

Denise Taylor, Chartered Psychologist, commented: “Losing weight is good for our health, but qualitative research with adult females has found that in most cases significant weight loss leads to greater self esteem.

“Women regular state that being morbidly obese results in little self confidence and negative feelings, but once the weight returns to a more socially acceptable level confidence and self esteem rises.

“Partly down to looking and feeling good and being able to buy fashionable clothes, it also leads to greater confidence in taking on new activity, ranging from participating in sport to having the confidence to seek a new job.”

You can read more of the article and my comment through this link.


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