Newsletter 5 May 2020

On Wednesday, 7th May, the full moon is in Taurus. This is known as the Super Flower Moon, called this because it accompanies springtime’s colourful blooms and the last supermoon until April 2021. I saw the one back in February and it was wonderful, so I’ll be out tomorrow night.

Since my Vision Quest, I’ve paid more attention to traditional ways from both our culture and further afield. I’ve learned that this is a time dedicated to the opening of our inner eye, the eye of illumination.  I see this as a time to look within.

This lockdown takes me back to my Vision Quest – 4 days of letting go and moving forward. On night one I went through a death ceremony to let go of the past.

In this lockdown we have to let go of the life we had  (maybe temporarily, who knows …), to say goodbye to loved ones who are no longer with us, to be more in touch with our fears and anxiety.

Much of our energy is spent on survival, and we need to do whatever we need to keep psychologically safe. We need to eat well, and get some fresh air, but that is enough … we don’t need to do more unless it is right for us.

For some this will be a time to reflect on the life and work we want to do.  For others it is just a holding time till they get back as close to life before as they want.

We are spending less and it may make us ponder on how much we spend on takeaway coffees, and things we buy, not down to need but down to marketing, we think we deserve it or because it’s a way to make us feel better – the pleasure we get from buying something new. But external things are transient, and maybe we need to look for other ways of being happy. Such as practicing mindfulness and keeping a gratitude journal

Focusing inwards can get us to consider

  • Are there relationships that need repair?
  • What am I passionate about, and how can I use it more?
  • Can I help other people and the world?
  • The silence – is there a message there? What is the world saying to me that I’ve closed my ears to?

Maybe in quiet times your mind can ponder on these ideas?

Below you will find links to two my recent blog posts. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment. 

Stay safe, stay well, stay connected.

Denise x

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