I’ve been unwell this past week. I literally lost my voice and had to reschedule appointments, and I also felt unwell so was unable to work on written assignments unless there were immovable deadlines.
In the past I worked through illness, I didn’t give in. But then it took much longer to recover. I now listen to my body more and allow myself time to get well. My sore throat is less sore but I’m still talking quite huskily so taking things quiet this weekend.


Frankie ValliI often ask my clients who is their hero. Who inspires them? Sometimes we would then ask their hero for advice, it can open up our mind to see things from a different perspective. When I lost my excess 10 stone in weight my hero was Shakira, and before I made poor food choices I’d ask myself – what would Shakira do?
One of my hero’s is a musical legend – Frankie Valli. I’ve loved his music since a child, my parents were huge fans. Watching the show Jersey Boys was a great reminder of his upbringing and the success he had, but there were set backs too.
On Thursday I went to see him and his band play in Birmingham. Truly a legend, and as I was at the front he touched my hand – swoon!
Who is/are your heroes?

The University Graduate

It’s a few weeks since graduation and students are enjoying summer, and also wondering about what job to aim for. For many of the young people and their parents I talk with it’s getting on a ‘graduate scheme’ that is their goal. But that’s not right for everyone and the competition is fierce. Fall outside the typical 2:1 degree and you can’t even get to complete an application.
You stand a better chance of getting a job if you apply for a job with a smaller company, often a much smaller company. Join, even at an entry position and there’s a chance to quickly make an impact but you must go beyond the minimum of a job. A great way to demonstrate your capability is to demonstrate that you can sell, write and use technology.
I’ve created an article which you can access here: Alternatives to the Graduate entry position

The top 10 skills for the successful 21st Century worker

None of us can sit back and ‘rest on our laurels’. We all need to make sure we have marketable skills, here’s a list of the top 10. How well do you match up?

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration
  3. Adaptability
  4. Innovation
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Communication
  7. Productivity and accountability
  8. Accessing, analysing and synthesising information
  9. Global citizenship
  10. Entrepreneurialism

You can see this as an infographic here.

Interesting Articles


If you know someone with Dyspraxia head over to this page to read an article, and also comments from readers who know far more on this subject than me

How to become a thought leader using LinkedIn

Joel has written an interesting article and says that you need to

  • Curate Relevant Content
  • Write Original Content
  • Expand Your Network

You can read it via this link.
You may like to consider how this can help your career goals.
Till next time, Denise x

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