I’ve just completed a Highlands Ability Battery feedback discussion with a client and thought you may like to read an account of how the session goes
Before the call
A client would take the highlands assessment in their own time. It takes about 3 hours but can be done over a series of sessions. it doesn’t have to be done all at once.
My client gets immediate access to their report so they can read it through before we talk.
The call – Introduction
We start by talking through my clients history to date – degree, jobs, what they liked and disliked, any thoughts they may have for future career choices.
The call – Discussing the report
I go through the report in-depth, explaining the structure, and helping them to understand what the results mean to them. I answer any questions they may have. We talk through the personal style section, discussing both generalist/specialist split and also extrovert/introvert. We then talk about the driving abilities – problem solving, ideas and spatial relations. Then the specialised abilities including the 5 memory abilities (design, verbal, tonal, rhythm and number), observation and more.
We only cover the 4 key dimensions, Work Environment/Personal Style; Learning; Problem Solving/Decision Making; and Communication briefly as this section of the report is so detailed.
We spend more time on the Work Types as I want clients to understand why, for example ‘making contact with others’ and ‘facilitation interaction’ comes up so high and ‘creating processes and procedures’ and ‘managing processes’ fall so low.
You can read a sample report here
This is where I think most highland affiliates would stop. But I love to provide more information for my clients so we go through 3 extra items:
Highlands Explored
This is nearly 40 pages and is reference material, explaining more about the assessment – details I include in my introduction about the assessment, details on all the work samples – covering for example specialist, mid range and generalist; also being low, medium and high on classification. The information can help when applying for jobs.
Critical career implications
A one page summary of the key points from the report
List of jobs
I go through the results from the assessments and provide details on best match, and why. I then provide web links on how to explore these jobs
Downloadable recording of our discussion
I record our conversation. It’s not professional quality, but ‘good enough’ and upload it so my client can download it.
I also offer a month of follow up so if a client identifies a job and wants to know how well they will match up I can let them know.
Interested in learning more about the highlands assessment, do look at my website and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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