Why not do busy – but be idle instead?

The Manifesto

The religion of Industry has turned human beings into work robots
The imposition of work-discipline on free-wheeling dreamers enslaves us all
Joy and wisdom have been replaced by work and worry
We must defend our right to be lazy
It is in our idleness that we become who we are
it is when lazy that we achieve self-mastery
Jobs rob our time
Productivity and Progress have led to anxiety and unease
Technology imprisons as it promises to liberate

That is the first part of The Manifesto from “How to be Idle” . It ends with the commands:

Embrace nothing
Know nothing
Do nothing
Be Idle!

Maybe we need to take some time just to be, rather than to be so busy – we are human beings after all, not human doings!

Have a peaceful weekend, Denise x

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