Creating a CV – I create CVs that get results!


An effective CV will get you shortlisted. How effective is yours?

With over 20 years’ experience in selection and recruitment I can give you candid feedback and help you create a CV that gets you to interview.  Too many people fail to tailor their CV to the job they want, they haven’t updated them and there is a lot of irrelevant data. Let me help you create a CV that works.

I have seen literally thousands of CVs as part of my recruitment work, and far too many end up in the reject pile because they are not doing what they should be doing – getting you to interview.


The CV advice I provide is practical and relevant. I have been short-listing candidates since 1989 and helping people create CVs since 1997.

Before you do anything else, go and get your CV. Look at it objectively – be honest and critical. Would you shortlist you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is your CV achievement-orientated? (Or is it a list of what the job involved) Yes/ No
Are the verbs in the "active" tense? Yes/ No
Is your CV structured in your favour? (Do you really want to tell them you are an unqualified sixty year old before they read of your chief executive experience?) Yes/ No
Does your CV emphasise your special skills? Yes/ No
Does your CV emphasise special achievements outside work? Yes/ No
Have you avoided any "gaps" which would cause interviewer anxieties? Yes/ No
Is what you have done quantified where appropriate? (Interviewers love the use of numbers – how much money did you save? What time did you save?) Yes/ No
Have you used significant or emphasising adjectives? (Excellent experience, sole responsibility) Yes/ No
Does the CV page 'breaks' make the reader want to turn the page? Yes/ No
Are you saying what you can do for the employer? Focusing on benefits? Yes/ No
Are you only telling them what they need to know? Yes/ No


If you can answer yes to all the above and you are getting short listed, then your CV is obviously working. If not, I can help you in different ways:

  • Option 1: Choose The Successful CV eCourse and follow the guidance to create a CV yourself. You have the option to follow up with a 30-minute review.
  • Option 2: We work together to jointly create your CV.
  • Option 3: Choose a full CV rewrite.


Option 1 – The Successful CV eCourse with (optional) 30 Minute CV Review

Get a short, sharp, professional CV review and then implement the changes yourself. If you want professional CV advice, and are happy to do more of the work yourself, then send me your CV for a 30 minute critique.

The Process for the CV Review

  • Sign up for The Successful CV eCourse.
  • Complete your CV as good as you can.
  • Use the link from within the course to pay for the optional CV review service (you get a £25 discount using this link)
  • Submit your CV in word format so I can edit.
  • I will carefully review your CV and use the editing function to make changes and explain exactly what you need to do to make improvements to your CV.
  • You implement the changes.


  • Make a payment of £55 for your 30-minute CV review via the online payment facility
  • Submit your CV
  • I will review your CV and email comments back to you, within 2 working days
  • You implement the changes

You may then decide to submit your CV for a second review, (additional fee payable) or be very happy with your revised CV and be on your way to a new job.

£55 for CV Review – BUY NOW

Option 2 – Upgrade to a jointly created CV

I like sharing knowledge!

The great thing about this is that you learn how to create a CV, so you should be able to make future changes to revise your CV yourself.

More than a CV review, this involves me providing effective guidance on how to improve your CV. You implement the changes and I review again. This can involve 3-4 reviews of the work that you do, and I also work on the style – to make it look good; I love creating stylish CVs that make recruiters want to read them. First you send me your CV to review. I’ll then respond back with initial tasks, often to remove format and to provide examples for me to edit, you don’t want me to spend your time getting rid of text boxes!

I’ll get you thinking in depth about how you meet the requirements for the job you seek, and you will be over half way there! You’ll then implement changes. I will probably email you for additional information and clarification which I will integrate into your CV.

My CVs are miles apart from the typical you see – so many look the same as everyone else’s, mine make careful use of colour, lines, borders … they aren’t wacky but they do create a visual impact.

When you are ready send your CV for a second review. I’ll make changes and come back to you for clarification. There will still be some more work for you to do.

You will then review, respond to any questions and return to me. I’ll review again, send to you and you should be good to go.

Overall I’ll spend around 90 minutes – 2 hours working on your CV.

Please note that (very occasionally) a client will struggle and need more support, and so an additional fee may be payable. If you get involved, we should be fine.

Choose this jointly created CV option if you want to learn the skills so you can adapt and improve your own CV in the future.


£150 for Jointly Created CV – BUY NOW


Option 3 – Arrange to have your CV professionally created

If time is an issue I can create a professional CV for you.

This is not a quick job, we need to fully understand what you did in each job and I will ask you questions to get you thinking about specific achievements. If a recent graduate you will be asked questions about your time at university, your extracurricular activities and vacation work.

We’ll discuss style and layout, and can choose the type face, layout and use of colour that you want, I will guide you to something that looks fantastic.

A first draft will be created and sent to you to ensure the facts are correct and seeking additional information as appropriate. We’ll review it until we are both happy, I’m very fussy!

You will then get the CV in both word format and also as a PDF.

The average time spent on discussing and creating a CV is 6 hours and average fees are £450. The actual cost will vary significantly depending on the amount of work needed. A CV for a Senior Executive, for example, with a lot of work to be undertaken to link it to a specific application with significant levels of reading is likely to cost in the region of £600.


Please consider an alternative – the jointly created CV, option 2 above

More than a CV review, this involves me giving you effective guidance on how to improve your CV. You implement the changes and I review again. This can involve up to 3 reviews of the work that you do, and I also work on the style – to make it look good, I love creating stylish CVs that make recruiters want to read them.

“Brilliant help with my job search. I now have a great CV and have appreciated your support in finding a new job. Your confidence in my abilities helped me keep my spirits up.” Helena Fox, Cardiff


Cover Letter Guidance

The cover letter/eNote is 50% of your marketing campaign.

Let me help you create a cover letter/eNote that clearly targets the specific job.

To enhance your application, you must match the cover letter/ eNote to the requirements of the job. It’s a simple process once you understand what to do, but it is also very time consuming to get right.

I can create your cover letter/ enote and also share an effective approach so you can create your own in the future.

Prices start at £50 (for an edit of what you have created) and actual costs depend on how much you do yourself using clear guidance. The typical fee is £85-£100.


In addition, I can help you create

The Thank-you Letter, Follow up Letter, Acceptance Letter

  • 80% of candidates forget or don’t bother to send a thank you letter/eNote after their job interview. A well written thank you note is your chance to emphasise how well you match up and to address any areas where you may not have provided brilliant answers.
  • You can also demonstrate your commitment to the job through a follow up letter.
  • Once you get the job offer you can send a letter to confirm the job details and to reinforce why they made a great choice in offering you the job.

If you want the job, you want to make a great impression and I can help create or review/revise any type of letter.