The Career Assessment Package

You are looking for a cost-effective way to make a career choice.

You feel stuck. How are you meant to decide what career will make you happy? You’ve looked at job sites but aren’t sure how you match up, and maybe you have already worked in a couple of areas and neither have worked out. You want to get it right.

I’ve helped people make a career choice for over 25 years. Helping people get clear on their natural abilities makes it easy to shortlist jobs to explore further. You can’t rely on self-report tests; you need to go deeper.

I use the renowned Highlands Ability Battery, a 3-hour career ability assessment which will confirm natural talents and ability and provide you with a shortlist of jobs to explore that match and thus help you make a career choice.

Clients continually tell me that this knowledge provides them with clarity on why they’ve been unhappy at work. When you try and work against your natural ability it’s like swimming in treacle. Understanding natural ability is like a clear run up the motorway, not a slow drive across fields.

The Career Choice Career Assessment Package includes

  1. A package of exercises where you consider what you already know about yourself.  You get a good grounding in: Skills, Interests, Personal Style, Family, Values, Goals and Challenges, Career Development Stages along with an Introduction and Final Review. This gets you well prepared for our 30-minute session. Here is a link to the first video
  1. The 3-hour Highlands Ability Battery, to identify innate talents and abilities, we discuss in a session of about 90 minutes. This comes with 3 full colour reports and a personalised 1-page summary. One report is the Career Exploration Supplemental Report—to identify possible career paths aligned with your natural abilities.
  2. My Exploring Options eBook. This carefully guides you in how to explore further, moving on from the links within the Highlands Career Exploration Supplement.
  3. A 50-60 minute session which takes place 2-4 weeks later where we review your research and help you create an action plan.

** You spend up to 3 hours working with Denise

Career Choice with the Career Assessment Package is just £599

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