Discover Your Perfect Career Path with the Career Assessment Programme

Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about which career will truly bring you happiness and fulfilment?

Do you find yourself browsing job sites without a clear idea of how your skills and interests align? Making a career choice can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us guide you through the process with the Career Assessment Programme, a cost-effective solution designed to help you find your ideal career path.

With over 25 years of experience in helping individuals make successful career choices, I understand the importance of uncovering your natural abilities and talents. My approach goes beyond self-report tests, diving deep into your unique strengths and potential. I utilise the highly regarded Highlands Ability Battery, a renowned assessment that objectively identifies your natural abilities and provides you with a personalized shortlist of jobs that align with your talents.

Here’s an overview of the Career Assessment Programme:

Step 1: Your Career Story (60 minutes)

In this comprehensive session, I take the time to truly listen to your career journey. In advance you complete a personal information form and conduct a series of short assessments and inventories which explore your career drivers, values, motivated skills, and saboteurs. By understanding your aspirations and strengths, we lay the groundwork for your career exploration.

Career assessments

Step 2: The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard for objectively identifying your natural abilities and talents. This assessment goes beyond self-reporting and involves completing 19 objective work samples. The assessment can be done in multiple sessions from the comfort of your own home, and it takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Session 2: The Ability Battery Feedback Session (up to 2 hours)

After completing the Highlands Ability Battery, you will receive a comprehensive set of PDF reports that provide valuable insights into your abilities and potential career paths. These reports include:

  • Main Highlands Report
  • Personal Career Exploration Supplement
  • Personal Work Types
  • Leader Report – where are your strengths as a leader?
  • Highlands Explored – 30 page booklet taking you beyond your report (exclusive to Dr Denise Taylor)
  • Critical Career Implications – a 1-2 page personal summary of the key points from your highlands ability battery results (exclusive to Dr Denise Taylor)

During this feedback session, which lasts up to 2 hours, I carefully guide you through these reports, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your strengths and how they can inform your career choices.

Step 3: Personal Exploration and 3rd session

Equipped with your detailed reports, you will embark on a personal exploration phase using our Exploring Options eBook as a guide. This resource will help you delve deeper into the possibilities presented in the Highlands Career Report. Afterward, we will schedule a further session (to be completed within 4 weeks of Session 2) to review your research and collaborate on creating a personalized action plan for making your career choice.

For those seeking additional guidance, we offer the option to add coaching sessions at a discounted rate, allowing for ongoing support as you navigate your career journey.

Once your payment is received, you will receive detailed instructions via email to schedule your sessions. You will also gain access to the assessments, which will be set up by our team. Please allow a few hours for the email to arrive as it requires human interaction to ensure accuracy.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from finding the career path that brings you joy and fulfilment. Take the first step towards making a confident career choice with the Career Assessment Programme. Schedule your sessions today and unlock the doors to a future filled with professional success and satisfaction

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