When you are looking for a cost-effective way to make a career choice.

You feel stuck. How are you meant to decide what career will make you happy? You’ve looked at job sites but aren’t sure how you match up, maybe you have some ideas but aren’t sure how they could work?

I’ve helped people make a career choice for over 25 years. Helping people get clear on their natural abilities makes it easy to shortlist jobs to explore further. You can’t rely on self-report tests; you need to go deeper.

I use the renowned Highlands Ability Battery, to confirm natural talents and ability and provide you with a shortlist of jobs to explore that match and thus help you make a career choice.

Step 1: Who am I?

I provide some prompts to get you thinking in advance of a 30-minute session. We find your blind spots and I follow up with some relevant exercises.

Career assessments

Step 2: The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective assessment of your natural ability and consists of 18 different work samples. It’s extensive, taking around 3 hours (you don’t need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself. You get 3 full colour reports and a personalised 1-page summary. The Career Exploration Supplemental Report identifies possible career paths aligned with your natural abilities. The discussion lasts around 90 minutes.

Step 3: Personal Exploration and 3rd session

The Exploring Options eBook will guide you in how to explore further, moving on from the Highlands Career Report. Then a 50-minute session (taken within 4 weeks of session 2) where we review your research and help you create an action plan.

Once payment is received you will be sent details by email to enable you to schedule your sessions. You will also receive access to the assessments. These need to be set up by a real person so please allow a few hours for the email to be sent.

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