Careers Coaching can be helpful when you want a space to talk through your situation. To get some clarity on your thoughts and some ideas to move forward.

Careers Coaching can also be helpful when you have an issue that you want to address. How to deal with a challenging work situation, whether to apply for the promotion, should you stay, or should you go? How to take stock and decide what to do next.

Our careers coaching session is recorded, so you can listen to it again, and it comes with relevant follow up material.

Careers Coaching sessions fall into three types

1. When you don’t know what you want to do (or need a space to talk).

Choose between a 1 hour session without any prior preparatory materials  or the popular 90 minute careers coaching session based on pre-work (either focused on careers or your wider life). This material is both written and visual, designed to be like a guided session with me, enabling you to take stock of your life/ career history and be prepared for when we have this first session. We talk through what you already know about yourself. You get a good grounding in:

  • Skills, Interests, Personal Style, Family, Values, Goals and Challenges, Career Development Stages along with an Introduction and Final Review

This gets you well prepared for our session. Here is a link to the first video

 In the session we will use this preparation as background but you have space to talk, to go deeper into your thinking, and I’ll gently guide you through this.

2. When you have an issue to address. For example: How can I

  • Deal with a challenging work situation – I’ll draw on my 30+ year career to help you with your options.
  • Make the progress I want within my career? Let me help you create a plan to reach your goal.
  • Raise my profile and win the promotion? I’ll share what works.
  • Prepare for an upcoming appraisal – I have a systematic process that works.
  • Decide if I stay as a specialist or move into a generalist role? – We’ll compare options and consider the future, playing to your strengths.
  • Get clarity on what I want from my career? Let’s focus on what is important.
  • Decide (take the job, study for an MBA, be honest? know if that promotion going to help my long-term future goals) – I can provide objective assistance in finalising a decision.
  • Improve the way I work with others? We’ll look deep into what’s working and effective action steps
  • Be more effective in my job/ life – let’s get the right work/life blend

3. A Career Review

 The career review service is essential for your career management. At a dental check-up or with a car MOT we might not realise there is anything wrong, but the dentist can remind us to floss more; the garage can tell us that our brake pads will need changing soon. Read more

Want to go deeper, using assessments?

Alongside individual sessions I offer career assessment programmes combining powerful exercises and the renowned Highlands Ability Battery. Assessments can be helpful, but it is the interpetation and discussion that is most valuable, taking you beyond the printed reports. Programmes include the cost effective Career Assessment Package or you prefer a deeper dive the Award Winning Gold Career Programme.

The first step is to arrange to talk so I can learn more about your situation and create a career coaching suggestion, tailored to your needs and budget.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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