Are you feeling stuck and looking for your dream job?

Careers coaching will help in choosing a satisfying career.

It’s hard to do it alone. Many of us fall into a career. We don’t take account of what’s important and can get seduced by the money. Many of my clients chose medicine or law to follow a parent’s dream or because it is a high-status job. Our late 20s can be when we first have these feelings of dissatisfaction.

How are you meant to decide how to choose a satisfying career?  You wonder if you will ever find career happiness. You may need careers coaching. For over 25 years I’ve helped thousands of clients understand who they are and make effective choices so the majority of every work day is full of xxxxx. You can read masses of comments from happy careers coaching clients here.

Careers coaching can lead to increased self-awareness, clarity of focus and a plan for achieving career goals so that you identify a satisfying career and  enjoy going to work each day. Goals based on both realism and personal objectives. I’ll support you to make the career change that is right for you. I’ll share relevant knowledge and ‘how to …’ through effective careers coaching and advice. I won’t tell you what to do but I’ll open your mind to possibilities and then help you decide and achieve your desired career goal.

From this hub page, select the careers coaching option that best matches your current situation.


The Career Assessment Package

You are at the start of your career and need a career direction. This can also suit people who want a cost-effective way to get career ideas. You’ve looked at job sites but aren’t sure how you match up, and maybe you have already worked in a couple of areas and neither have worked out. You want to get it right. Read more

The Career Reinvention Programme

For people in mid-career ready to make a change. You’ve had a successful career and you earn a good salary – perhaps people even envy where you are – and yet you’re no longer happy. This career no longer works for you, perhaps never did. In fact, it’s starting to cause you stress. It’s impacting other areas of your life – your relationships, your family, even your health and happiness. If this looks too detailed for you, it can be adapted to suit your needs. Read more

Individual Sessions

You want to talk through a situation. How you are feeling right now in your job; how to prepare for an upcoming appraisal; how to deal with challenging colleagues, how to deal with stress. This is for you if you don’t want to commit to a programme but prefer to work on a particular situation or ‘pay as you go’. Read more.

Read through the careers coaching options then schedule your 15 minute enquiry call to confirm the best option for us to work together. I’m looking forward to talking with you.