Gain Clarity and Direction in Your Professional Life

Our coaching sessions provide a dedicated space to discuss your career situation and find clarity. Whether you’re feeling stuck or need fresh ideas to move forward, these sessions are designed to help you navigate your professional journey effectively.

Personalized Attention and Actionable Insights

Each session is recorded, allowing you to revisit our discussions, and includes relevant follow-up material. This approach ensures you can fully absorb and implement the strategies we develop together.

Career Review Service: Your Professional Health Check

Just as you’d schedule regular health check-ups, a career review is essential for your professional well-being. Our 90-minute Career Review service includes:

  • Exercises to assess your current job satisfaction, career drivers, and interests
  • Collaborative creation of a 6-month action plan
  • Monthly follow-up messages for 3 months to keep you on track
  • Session recording for future reference

Investment: £265

Focused 1-Hour Sessions: Addressing Specific Career Challenges

These sessions are perfect for tackling particular issues such as:

  • Evaluating job change opportunities
  • Overcoming career plateaus
  • Improving work-life integration
  • Enhancing your professional profile for promotions
  • Preparing for performance reviews
  • Clarifying career goals
  • Improving workplace relationships
  • Deciding between specialist and generalist career paths
  • Making crucial career decisions (e.g., job offers, further education)

Drawing on my 30+ years of experience, I’ll provide targeted strategies and insights to help you navigate these challenges effectively.

Investment: £195 (with reduced rates for subsequent sessions)

The Process

Prior to our session, you may send up to 200 words describing your situation for me to review in advance. This allows us to make the most of our time together and dive straight into meaningful discussions.

Ready to take control of your career trajectory? Book your session now and let’s work together to unlock your professional potential.

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