Unlock Your Natural Abilities for Optimal Career Success

The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard in career aptitude testing, particularly valuable for seasoned professionals seeking to realign their careers with their innate strengths and students/graduates at the start of their career. By identifying your natural abilities, you can make informed decisions about your next career move, ensuring greater satisfaction and success.

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Why the Highlands Ability Battery?

  • Comprises 18 separate validated objective aptitudes
  • Measures your relative ability in specific areas, from problem-solving to information retention
  • Identifies what comes naturally to you, pinpointing potential areas of career excellence
  • Provides a solid foundation for effective career choices, especially crucial for mid-career transitions

Benefits for Mid-Career Professionals

  • Understand why you may feel unfulfilled in your current role
  • Identify alternative careers or roles within your organization that align with your natural talents
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths more effectively in your current position
  • Gain clarity on the most suitable options for career pivots or advancement

What You’ll Receive

  • Comprehensive Highlands Report
  • Personal Career Exploration Supplement
  • Personal Work Types Analysis
  • Leader Report – Identifying your leadership strengths
  • Highlands Explored – 30-page in-depth guide (exclusive to Dr Denise Taylor)
  • Critical Career Implications – Personalized 1-page summary (exclusive to Dr Denise Taylor)

Who should take the Highlands Ability Battery Test?

  • Students seeking help choosing A levels or a university degree subject
  • People who wonder why they are unhappy in their work
  • People seeking to make a career change and want to know what they are naturally good at
  • Anyone who seeks to understand their abilities

Don’t just take my word for it – read what Natalie says here and feedback from many other clients who have successfully navigated career transitions using the Highlands Ability Battery here

Whilst the Highlands Ability Battery is immensely useful, the way that you will use your aptitudes depends on your interests, personality, values, skills and the current job market. That’s why I recommend you take the Highlands Ability Battery as part of The Career Assessment Package.

The Process

  1. Register and receive your assessment key
  2. Complete the 3-hour assessment at your convenience
  3. Receive immediate access to your reports
  4. Participate in a 2-hour feedback session with Dr Denise
  5. Explore career options with provided guidance
  6. Option for additional sessions at a loyalty rate

Maximize Your Investment

While the Highlands Ability Battery provides invaluable insights, it’s most effective when combined with a holistic career assessment. Consider our comprehensive Gold Career Programme or the Career Assessment Package for a complete evaluation of your abilities, interests, personality, and current market opportunities.