The Highlands Ability Battery is the most effective career aptitude test available.  People take The Highlands Ability Battery to find out their natural ability and to use this knowledge to make effective career decisions. When we study and work in line with our natural abilities it’s like driving along a brand new four-lane motorway rather than travelling along a narrow, muddy, footpath. You can get there either way but working with our natural talents is a lot easier and you will find much greater success.

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The Highlands Ability Battery comprises 18 separate validated objective aptitudes and is an objective measure of your relative ability to do specific things from solving problems to remembering what you read. It tells you what you’ll find easy, what will be difficult and is the foundation to effective career choice.

The Highlands Ability Battery can help you to

  • Understand where you are naturally talented
  • Know how you solve problems and make decisions most effectively
  • Understand clearly why you would be happy in some fields and not happy in others
  • Choose the best option from a group of study/career/ job/ business choices
  • Know how to study most effectively
  • Know what other jobs within your organisation you would be more fulfilled with

Use your true strengths more effectively and more consistently

Who should take the Highlands Ability Battery Test?

  • Students seeking help choosing A levels or a university degree subject
  • People who wonder why they are unhappy in their work
  • People seeking to make a career change and want to know what they are naturally good at

Anyone who seeks to understand their abilities

Don’t just take my word for it – read what Natalie says here and feedback from many other clients here

Whilst the Highlands Ability Battery is immensely useful, the way that you will use your aptitudes depends on your interests, personality, values, skills and the current job market. That’s why I recommend you take the Highlands Ability Battery as part of The Career Assessment Package.