Signature Programme – The Gold Career Programme

The Gold Career Programme was developed as a cost-effective service to help people understand who they are and to enable them to be better placed to make career decisions. In November 2007 it was awarded a National Career Award (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper).

This programme takes a systematic approach to help you understand who you are and clarify where you want your future to take you. It is very popular, chosen by anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of themselves.

Career theory underpins the Gold Programme:  Career theory draws on three major domains of individual differences – cognitive (ability), conative (motivation and interest) and affective (personality). These are assessed via ability tests, personality questionnaire, and interest inventories. They produce a wealth of data and working with a skilled psychologist enables you to draw together the results to create meaningful decisions.

We go beyond this. We also consider the wider environment, skills, constraints, career history, and the current job market.

The more you understand who you are the better able you are to take advantage of opportunities that arise and to seek out steps to reach your personal career objectives.

Sessions are usually a combination of face to face meetings and phone/ Skype conversations.

“I would like to thank Denise for being an inspirational person, who can apply vast professional and personal experience into helping other people to excel in everything they do.  A combination of three assessments, brainstorming session and further research is a stepping stone to finding a satisfying career.” Anna, London

Step One:

Preparation Phase of the Gold Career Programme

In a session of around 90 minutes we discuss both education and any career history. We discuss your interests and any thoughts for possible careers. We include family expectations (explicit and implicit) which can affect and influence your choices; ideal work environment and other life goals, we need to understand these and incorporate into our work. We also look at your values or career drivers.

Step Two:

Assessment Phase of the Gold Career Programme

You take these from your home computer; clear instructions are provided.

I have learned more about myself with each passing week, and with each meeting my confidence in my own worth has grown … Not only were our sessions educational and useful, they were also tremendous fun.”  Rhiannon

The ability of any single assessment to predict career direction increases dramatically when there is agreement between several tests. Analysis will seek out these areas of agreement. E.g. if each assessment points towards a career in law or sales, then clearly this is a priority area to explore.

Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective assessment of your natural ability and consists of 18 different work samples. It’s extensive, taking around 3 hours (you don’t need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself. The discussion lasts around 90 minutes.

Personality Assessment

You take the 15FQ assessment, used within recruitment to understand more about Relations with People, Thinking Style and Feelings and Emotions.  This is discussed in a session of about 45 minutes.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the idea that individuals with similar interests are often attracted to the same kind of work, and are likely to be successful in a work environment that reflects those interests.

Step Three:

Moving Forward with the Gold Career Programme

We’ll review the results from all assessments, other exercises, and the preparation phase to begin to shortlist careers to explore and what you need, from work, for career satisfaction.  We also discuss any ideas you may have and integrate this into our work.  We allocate 2 hours to this session, and I spend at least 1 hour ‘behind the scenes’ preparing for this session.

You leave this session with a comprehensive plan to explore a list of jobs, with the comprehensive Next Steps Booklet guiding you through what to do.

2 further 50-minute sessions are included

To ensure you have the support you need to review and discuss your research and to guide you into a plan now you have decided. First step may be guided interviews/ job shadowing/ internship to confirm and build relationships; I can provide lots of guidance in how to do this.

You also get access to my online courses to help you create a Successful CV and LinkedIn profile along with my Get Interview Ready  online course.

Between career coach sessions you can send quick questions and get a speedy response from me.

Bought individually this Gold Career Programme would cost over £2000, buy as a package for £1497. 

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