This extensive programme will enable you to have a strong understanding of who you are, reach a career decision and get your ready to present yourself to the world.

The Gold Career Programme was developed to help people understand who they are and to enable them to be better placed to make career decisions. In November 2007 it was awarded a National Career Award (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper). This popular programme takes a systematic approach to enable you to understand who you are and clarify your future career direction.

Great for Students and Graduates

Leaving University and getting a job, but what job will best suit your needs and abilities? How can you find a job that allows you to play to your strengths? This programme will get you started towards a fulfilling career.

Great for Career Changers

You’ve had a successful career and you earn a good salary – perhaps people even envy where you are – and yet you’re no longer happy. Your career no longer works for you, perhaps never did. In fact, it’s starting to cause you stress. It’s impacting other areas of your life – your relationships, your family, even your health and happiness. This programme will give you clarity on where to go next.

Where could you go from here?

As a career coach, my clients have moved from high-stress lawyer to pro sports player, from PR to Interior Design, from Teacher to Estate Agent, Buyer to University Researcher, from Project Manager to chef on a yacht. Some clients have moved up into a higher level in the same career. And some have started their own business. A few even have discovered that they can remodel their current job into something far more enjoyable without quitting. Every story is unique, just as is yours.

Clients have successfully fulfilled their desire for something more creative, more meaningful, less pressured. Use my creativity and knowledge to identify options.

Career theory underpins the Gold Programme and draws on three major domains of individual differences – cognitive (ability), conative (motivation and interest) and affective (personality). These are assessed via ability tests, personality questionnaire, and interest inventories and drawn together by a skilled psychologist.

We go beyond this, to look deep into your career story, what has brought you to where you are today and gain clarity into the key requirements of a career move (location, stress levels, people, prospects). The more you understand who you are the better able you are to take advantage of opportunities that arise and to seek out steps to reach your personal career objectives.

Step 1: Your Career Story (90 minutes)

It’s rare to have an extended conversation with someone who will truly listen and reflect back on your life. This session includes completion of a personal information form and a review of 3 exercises: Character Strengths, Personal Values and Saboteurs which you complete and return at least one full working day before our session (For a Monday session this should be returned by Thursday evening).

Step 2 – Assessment phase

The assessments are taken from your home computer and full instructions are provided.

The ability of any single assessment to predict career direction increases dramatically when there is agreement between several tests. Analysis will seek out these areas of agreement.

Career assessments

Ability: The Highlands Ability Battery

The ‘Gold Standard’ to objectively identify natural abilities and talents. This is an objective assessment of your natural ability and consists of 18 different work samples. It’s extensive, taking around 3 hours (you don’t need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself. You get 3 full colour reports and a personalised 1-page summary. The Career Exploration Supplemental Report identifies possible career paths aligned with your natural abilities. The discussion lasts up to 2 hours.  You must complete at least one full working day before our 2 hour feedback session (For a Monday session this should be completed by Thursday evening).

Interest: Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the idea that individuals with similar interests are often attracted to the same kind of work and are likely to be successful in a work environment that reflects those interests.

Complete Personality Assessment – The MBTI Step 2

This highly regarded assessment goes into much greater depth than the free versions available online. It divides each of the 4 scales into 5 facets, and from here you gain a personal development plan. You complete at least one full working day before our session (For a Monday session this should be returned by Thursday evening).

Step 3 – Bringing it together

We’ll review everything done so far to begin to shortlist careers to explore and what you need, from work, for career satisfaction. We discuss any ideas you may have and integrate this into our work. Up to 2 hours is allocated to this session, and I spend at least 1 hour ‘behind the scenes’ preparing for this session. You leave this session with a comprehensive plan to explore a list of jobs, and full guidance is provided.

Further Support

2 further 50-minute sessions are included
We will discuss your findings and narrow down your short list. Then create a plan to learn more and get you ready for job search.
You also get complimentary access to 2 online courses: Create a Successful CV and Get Interview Ready.

Bought individually this Gold Career Programme would cost over £2000, buy as a package for £1497.

Once payment is received you will be sent details by email to enable you to schedule your sessions. You will also receive access to the assessments. These need to be set up by a real person so please allow a few hours for the email to be sent.

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