You’ve tried the free career assessments available online and are frustrated. They either don’t tell you much more than a quiz in a magazine or trick you into having to pay extra for a report – why didn’t they tell you in advance?

When you are making important decisions as you approach a transition, or consider life after full time work, I offer effective career assessments to help make these life and career decisions. None will tell you what to do – you make the decision, but they help you to shortlist and know more about yourself.  Each career assessment comes with helpful reports and most include a personal feedback session with me. Using assessments to understand more about who you are will enable you to be true to the person you are, make choices based on self knowledge.

With over 30 years as a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society I chose tests with good validity and reliability. This means they work and will be helpful.

Career Assessments will help you to understand more about your abilities, personality, interests and more and fall into 4 categories

Career Assessments – Ability Tests e.g. Highlands Ability Battery

Under timed conditions find out more about your natural aptitudes. Are you quick to make decisions? How do you problem solve? To what extent can you come up with ideas under pressure?

I recommend the Highlands Ability Battery. This provides objective evidence to help you narrow down your choice and make sure you play to your strengths. It’s a 3-hour assessment covering 19 work samples. The Highlands Ability Battery, developed in 1992 by The Highlands Company, can be taken alone or as part of a wider service to make a career or life choice.

Personality Assessments

I offer 3 personality career assessments. All help you understand more about your personality, so you can use this information to help make choices to suit the person you are. They also help you be clear on the work environment that works best for you. This is as valuable when you are in the midst of your career as it is as you make changes to life after full-time work.

All these career assessments are very useful for development – both personally and at work.

Career assessments