You’ve tried the free career assessments available online and are frustrated. They either don’t tell you much more than a quiz in a magazine or trick you into having to pay extra for a report – why didn’t they tell you in advance?

With over 25 years as a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society I chose the tests with years of validity and reliability. This means they work and will be helpful.

There are many career assessments, and none will tell you what to do – you make the decision, but they provide information to inform your decision making. They all come with helpful reports either with a personal feedback session with me or a detailed guidance pack so that you get the best from your career assessment report.

I provide assessments that can be used for personal development and to help understand career options.

Career Assessments will help you to understand more about your abilities, personality, interests and more and fall into 4 categories.

1. Career Ability Tests e.g. Highlands Ability Battery

These are timed assessments, not self-report. Under timed conditions you can find out more about your natural aptitudes. Are you quick to make decisions? How do you problem solve? To what extent can you come up with ideas under pressure? How do you learn best?

This is powerful information when choosing a career path. You make decisions based on what comes easy to you, not what you have done before or what you think you can do well.

I recommend the Highlands Ability Battery. This provides objective evidence to help you narrow down your choice and make sure you play to your strengths. It’s a 3-hour assessment covering 19 work samples.

The Highlands Ability Battery can be taken alone or as part of the Career Assessment Package. This is a cost-effective way to make a career choice.

2. Personality Career Assessments

Learn more about your personality using one of three assessments I offer. All help you understand more about your personality, so you can use this information to help make choices to suit your personality and ideal work environment. You can read more of the detail following the links, so here’s a quick overview.

Choose the 15FQ if you want to take the type of personality assessment used in recruitment.

This questionnaire divides personality into 15 different ‘personality factors.’ Each of these traits or factors is a continuum – so you can, for example, be more, or less open to change compared with other people.

Type-based questionnaires help an individual to decide which of two or more distinct types best fits them.

Choose the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®) if you want to understand more about your personal style based on TYPE.

I recommend the Step 2 version for more depth of knowledge.

Less well known, but highly useful is the Type Dynamic Indicator if you are interested in TYPE but recognise that you can behave in different ways, this is the one to choose.

You answer every question twice, the first time as you act in the workplace, the second time in a way that is trier to how you see yourself.

3. Career Assessments – Interest Inventories

Interest Inventories help you to understand more about your interests and how to use this to make a career choice. Based on an extensive questionnaire you can see how these interests link to different careers. For career suggestions choose the Strong Interest Inventory.

4. Personal Development:

The Firo-B

Learn more about relationships via the Firo-B

The Thomas Kilman

Learn more about how you deal with conflict with the Thomas Kilman (TKI)

5. Values Cards

Values Cards are a comprehensive way to understand the key drivers to decision making. Buy a single pack or bulk orders are welcome. BUY HERE:

6. Ability Testing / Practice Testing Session

If you know you will be taking assessments as part of an assessment centre you can choose a practice testing session.

Use the links to find out more and if you have questions, arrange to talk so I can learn more about your situation and make suggestions for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Clients Say

Feedback from Clients who have taken the Highlands Ability Battery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other assessments. You can access it from here

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