The Fifteen Factor Questionnaire+ (15FQ+provides an in-depth view of personality. It’s based on the work of the eminent psychologist, Ray Cattell. As with other contemporary questionnaires it maps onto the Five Factor Model, also known as ‘The Big 5’.  There is high levels of reliability and validity – it measures what it sets out to measure

The 15FQ draws out career implications, and potential pitfalls in terms of the work environment, the job itself, and the organizational culture. It provides a good assessment about what a person is usually like and can cover additional information on things like team role, leadership and negotiating style.

The report is based on self-perception, not actual behaviour. In the discussion we gain examples to support (or challenge) the report. It focuses more on what you enjoy doing rather than what you can actually do well, hence offering the Highlands Ability Battery as an additional assessment.

The report includes details on your

  • Interaction Style
  • Dealing with interpersonal situations
  • Influencing Style
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Thinking and decision style
  • Work style
  • Team roles – such as Shaper-Driver, Evaluator-Critic, Inspector-Completer

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This assessment is very useful for development – both personally and at work.

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