The Strong Interest Inventory® is the most widely used interest inventory available and designed to help you identify your pattern of vocational interests. The Strong Interest Inventory is a useful assessment for anyone who is unsure about their future career goals and also for choices to make when you consider life after full-time work.

Choose the Strong Interest Inventory to objectively identify your interests, provide a framework for organising your interests into general and specific categories within the world of work and help you identify potentially relevant occupations that may not have been previously considered.

The Strong Interest Inventory measures your interests using 291 different questions to explore your likes and dislikes regarding careers, leisure activities, school subjects and other categories. Your responses are compared to a representative sample of occupations followed by people who enjoy their work, have worked in that area for at least three years and who do typical work for the field. The Strong Interest Inventory is a quick way to get a snapshot of career interests, but the highest interests may not be the most appropriate career, that’s why I recommend that you use it in conjunction with other assessments

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the idea that people who enjoy their work will, likely, share similar interests. It is based on the work of John Holland and you may be familiar with Holland Career codes. This divide peoples and jobs into 6 categories – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional.

You should take the Strong Interest Inventory if you are:

  • Unsure about your future career goals or considering a career change
  • An employee seeking more satisfying work within an organization
  • Planning your retirement
  • Would like some pointers as to what useful and interesting leisure activities would be

The Process