The Strong Interest Inventory® is the most widely used interest inventory available and designed to help you identify your pattern of vocational interests.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a useful assessment for anyone who is unsure about their future career goals. It can be a useful start to thinking about career planning or to help you decide between alternatives that you may be considering.

The Strong Interest Inventory is especially useful for people in the early stages of career planning. It will not predict with certainty what occupation you should consider. However, by indicating how similar or dissimilar your interests are in comparison with people in a wide variety of occupations, it can be a useful step towards identifying work settings and occupations that may be satisfying to you.

Choose the Strong Interest Inventory to

  • Objectively identify your interests
  • Provide a framework for organising your interests into general and specific categories within the world of work
  • Help you identify potentially relevant occupations that may not have been previously considered

The Strong Interest Inventory measures your interests using 291 different questions to explore your likes and dislikes regarding careers, leisure activities, school subjects and other categories.

  • 107 questions about careers you would be interested in doing
  • 46 questions about interest in different subject areas
  • 84 questions about interest in activities
  • 29 questions about interest in different leisure activities
  • 25 questions on the people you would like to work with and personal characteristics

Your responses are compared to a representative sample of occupations followed by people:

  • who enjoy their work,
  • have worked in that area for at least three years and
  • who do typical work for the field.

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the idea that people who enjoy their work will, likely, share similar interests. It is based on the work of John Holland and you may be familiar with Holland Career codes.

Holland Career Codes divide people and jobs into 6 categories – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional.

Strong Interest Inventory (c) Amazing People

The theory says that individuals with similar interests are often attracted to the same kind of work, feel comfortable with others who share their interests, and are likely to be successful in a work environment that reflects those interests.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a quick way to get a snapshot of career interests, but the highest interests may not be the most appropriate career for a client. That’s why I recommend that you use it in conjunction with other assessments.

Who Should take the Strong Interest Inventory?

  • People unsure about their future career goals
  • People in the early stages of career planning
  • People who would like some pointers as to what useful and interesting leisure activities would be

What is included

The payment includes

  • Everything you need to take the Strong Interest Inventory assessment online
  • Downloadable Full colour report (minimum of 9 pages). An in-depth, personalised account of your results, which clearly shows how your specific interests, learning, leadership and risk-taking link to various jobs, work settings and careers, plus a booklet to help you get the most out of your report. The i Start Strong is a different style of report.
  • Comprehensive guidance notes

You have the option of booking a 30-minute feedback consultation with Denise.

Once completed your report will be emailed to you. Please allow 24 hours, and longer at weekends, although it is usually prepared and emailed quicker. This is not automated and is done by a real person.

Choose your Strong Interest Inventory report

Several Strong Interest Inventory reports are available. The reports identify and provides insights on overall patterns of interests that can be explored for immediate and long-range career, educational and leisure planning. They are designed to expand, rather than limit your thinking about the future.

Strong Interest Inventory Profile Report – £66

Access a sample SII report here.

This 9-page report is for you if you want to find out more about the types of jobs that match with your interests. This is an essential resource if you are:

  • Considering a career change
  • An employee seeking more satisfying work within an organization
  • Planning your retirement

If you are considering full time study, choose the Strong Interest Inventory College edition instead.

As well as finding out about your interests, with this version of the Strong Interest Inventory report you also get to learn about your personal style. Learn about the extent to which you prefer to work alone or prefer to work with people.

Find out about your preferred learning environment, do you prefer practical learning to achieve a specific skill or an academic environment seeking knowledge for its own sake.

You then get to find out about the extent you will be willing to take risks and whether you prefer careful or quick decision making. Finally, we look at your team orientation, do you prefer to accomplish things independently or by working with others.

Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report: when you want more detail –£77

Access a sample Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive report here.

As well as the Strong Interest Inventory profile report, you also get the expanded interpretive report, which goes into MUCH more detail – highly recommended.

This report provides you with a much greater depth of analysis. This extended report takes the top Strong interest areas and breaks down into the typical interests and activities that an area of work would include.

Your top Strong occupations are expanded to show you some typical work tasks and the sort of knowledge skills and abilities needed to perform well in this occupation. The report identifies and provides insights on overall patterns of interests that can be explored for immediate and long-range career, educational and leisure planning. The report is designed to expand, rather than limit, your thinking about the future.

And for younger clients

Strong Interest Inventory High School Edition: to identify GCSE/ A level options – £66

Access a sample Strong Interest Inventory High School report here.

This is the profile report with additional information specifically for young people before they take 16+ educational choices.

Alongside the Strong Interest Inventory Profile Report, you will also receive the 2-page high school report that suggests academic subjects to study at University, volunteer and job possibilities and ideal work environment that fit your interests. It expands on the top 5 job areas for you to explore, including what you value in a job, example careers and some information on what each job may include.

Strong Interest Inventory College Edition: to help with University choice – £66

Access a sample Strong Interest Inventory College report here

This is the profile report with additional information to help you make university choices.

Alongside the Strong Profile Report, you will also receive the 4-page report that suggests academic subjects to study at University, ideas for activities on campus and ideas for internships or part time jobs that fit the students’ interests. It also outlines the best courses to take to suit your top ten strong occupations and how to use the personal style scale to enhance your learning experience. Highly recommended by Denise. 

i Start Strong – the low-cost option – £35

A new option of the Strong Interest Inventory is the interactive I Start Strong. I think this is great for a quick look at jobs to explore, and the report comes with lots of interactive links.

You can read more via the iStartStrong link.

This assessment is just £35 and a low-cost way to get ideas.


Choose which report from the list above

Make payment.

You complete the assessment online in the comfort of your own home. Take 20-40 minutes to answer the questions. It’s that simple!

All reports are personalised to reflect your responses. In addition to your report you will also receive a 12-page booklet to talk you through how to get the best out of the report. Please note reports are not sent automatically but created by a real person so there may be delays out if working hours.

Contact Denise if you wish to schedule an optional discussion, additional fee payable.

Payment links to take the Strong Interest Inventory

SII Assessment – Profile                66

SII Assessment – Interpretive      77

SII Assessment – High School       66

SII Assessment – College               66

I’ve got some questions about the Strong Interest Inventory

How do I decide which version to take?

The profile is great and there are different versions depending on your current situation.

  • Choose the High School version if you are under 16 and considering A level choice, or equivalent.
  • The College edition to help with university choice.
  • The Interpretive report gives you greater detail.

How can I choose between this and the MBTI?

These are different assessments. The MBTI is a personality measure whereas the Strong assesses your interests. In combination they provide great detail to make a career decision, but the best assessment of all is the Highlands Ability Battery which measures abilities, what your natural talents are, not self-report.

I’ve got another question, what should I do?

Send your question by email and we will get back to you.