The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other personality assessments are highly popular as  part of career choice. They provide information on the sort of person you are and can help understand how you best work.

The most popular is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI® assessment is a self-reporting personality assessment, designed to help people like you understand more about yourself.


The MBTI® helps you to understand who you are, your natural preferences, motivations, and potential areas for growth. It is particularly helpful to understand how to relate to people, especially those with a different personality type.

You’ve probably come across the 4 dimensions

Where you get your energy from

  • Extraversion– prefers to gain energy from the outside world of activity, people and things OR
  • Introversion– prefers to gain energy from the inner world of reflections, feelings and ideas (E/I)

 How you prefer to gather information

  • Sensing– Prefers to focus on information gained from the senses and on practical applications OR
  • Intuition– prefers to focus on patterns, connections and possible meanings (S/N)

How you prefer to decide

  • Thinking– prefers to make judgements on logic and objective analysis OR
  • Feeling– prefers to base decisions on values and what is important to people (T/F)

Preferred lifestyle

  • Judging– likes a planned and organised approach to life and to make decisions OR
  • Perceiving– likes a flexible, spontaneous approach and prefers to keep options open (J/P)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1

The MBTI Step 1 will help you understand more about yourself across these areas. The assessment comes with a 30-minute discussion and full colour report. I have 4 alternative reports, access sample reports using these links:

MBTI Interpretive report – Choose this if you want to understand more about MBTI type, without needing a particular work perspective.

college edition of the report, please request this when you order.

MBTI Interpretive report for organisations – For people who want to understand and enhance their performance at work, please request this version when you order.

MBTI Career report – If your goal is help in identifying alternative careers then this could be helpful, but I prefer to use alternative assessments for help with career choice. please ask for details.

I can also provide more detailed reports – you buy these as additional reports to the main step 1 report. You can read more about these and get sample reports via this blog post. 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 – the in-depth assessment

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 provides details of your personal style and gives you one of 16 four letter codes, such as INTP.

If you hate the thought of being put in a box, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 helps you to understand the real depth of your Myers Briggs Type Indicator results. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in personal development. There is nothing that compares to the richness of this assessment.

Each of the four scales has five subscales, resulting in over a million possible combinations. For example, Extravert-Introvert is made up of 5 sub-scales including Initiating-Receiving and Expressive-Contained. You need to take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 to see your subscale results. 

The assessment comes with a 45-minute discussion and full colour report.

Access details of all sub-scales here: MBTI_Step II facets

Access a sample of the report here

You will see it includes

  • Introduction to the 4 preferences.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 results.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 results with very detailed breakdown of the facets.
  • How to apply Step 2 to communicationwith details on how to enhance. communication which can be used for personal development.
  • How to apply Step 2 to making decisionsincluding some tips to help.
  • How to apply Step 2 to managing changewith details on how to enhance ways to manage change.
  • How to apply step 2 to managing conflictincluding details on how to enhance ways to manage conflict.
  • Details on how to use your favourite and least favourite processes and how to use type and the facets to be more effective.


I’ve covered most of the common Myers Briggs Type Indicator questions  here and the feedback demonstrates how powerful this assessment is but of course email if you want to know more.

To go ahead you can book and pay using these links

MBTI Step 2 £195

MBTI Step 1 £140

MBTI Step 1 College £140

Once you complete the assessment you will need to wait for me to create and send on your report. Allow extra time at weekends and bank holidays. This is not automated and is done by a real person.

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