Career, Transition & Retirement Coaching with Dr Denise Taylor

I work with people of all ages to understand who they are and make career choices using reputable assessments, effective exercises and deep listening and experience from a life time of supporting clients.

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Life is full of transitions. From aged 16 or 18 up to the end of our working life and all the stages in between. For 25+ years I’ve helped people find satisfying work, deal with challenging situations and create a life of meaning. I gained my doctorate aged 64, I’m an award-winning careers coach, a Chartered Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. I’ve written eight books, written for The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and many magazines, and was the careers expert on Radio 5.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

You deserve to be happy in your work. Let’s understand more on who you are, what’s important to you and identify options. My work as a Career Coach will help you get clarity in decision making, explore options and create an action plan.


Want objective guidance for personal development or to help to identify career options? Choose from a wide range of highly reputable assessments with insightful feedback. I offer The Highlands Ability Battery, MBTI, 15FQ, Strong Interest Inventory, Firo-B and many more.


A career coach with extensive experience in offering Career Advice for teenagers. will ensure that choices are well thought through and increase your teenagers confidence level. The investment is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university.

Job Search

You don’t just want any job – you want THE JOB. You’ve got a clear career goal – you want the promotion or to make a significant change. I’ve written 5 job search books, and provide CV reviews, Interview coaching and ongoing job search support.

LinkedIn & Digital Branding

An effective LinkedIn profile is essential for people who want to be successful in their chosen career as well as for job searchers. For 10+ years I’ve been helping people create effective key rich, high impact LinkedIn profiles with a clear digital branding strategy.

Retirement Coaching

Most people focus on the financial side of retirement, will there be enough money for their future life. Whilst money is important, your life will change significantly and planning for the non-financial aspects of life is essential.

Featured in the media

Denise regularly contributes to newspapers, articles, magazines, and radio interviews

My Books


Hi, I’m Dr Denise Taylor

Elder, Adventurer, Wilderness Guide, Award Winning Coach and Author. I guide, I inspire, I coach.

My clients are from 15 – 80+ and I work at my best when people have the energy and passion to want more, to feel fulfilled and to have the life they want. Working with me is a great place to make a transition to a new career or in your wider life. Don’t come to me for the boring or conventional, I keep up to date with new ideas and take an evidence-based approach to my work.

PR Campaigns and Media Work

I contribute to PR campaigns providing articles, comments and participate in numerous radio shows. My professional knowledge and down to earth informative style mean I’m a popular contributor to PR Campaigns and my expertise is heard regularly as guest expert on well over 100 radio shows. I’m also regularly quoted in the press.

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What my clients say

“You are a very talented person, combining tremendous professionalism and skill with an unusual level of empathy and insight”.

Marian – Creating clarity for a high-flying working mother
Marian, Creating clarity for a high-flying working mother

“In less than 12 months I have been helped by the programme to change direction and increase my job satisfaction. All this when at a personal low and fighting depression.”

Chris, Herefordshire

“I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide on the Gold Programme provide an amazing insight. This mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful, and patient coaching is a potent mixture for instigating change”.

Colette, Private client

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