Amazing People (est. 1998) is a boutique career coaching company personally directed by Denise Taylor.

Amazing People is small from choice.
Rather than grow into yet another faceless company where you meet a sales person, not the person you will work with, when you choose to work with Amazing People you will be working with double award-winning Career Coach Denise Taylor.

About Denise

  • Denise has a first degree in Psychology and 2 master’s degrees: Occupational Psychology and Business Admin (MBA).
  • Denise is a Chartered Psychologist, and has been recognised as an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS).
  • Alongside her academic training, Denise attendedMastery University with Anthony Robbins, courses with Gerard Egan and Deepak Chopra and many day events.
  • I love wild camping and learning bushcraft.

It’s not just about the qualifications, Denise is noted as being creative, visionary, and fun to work with. She loves to gather new information and resources to best serve her clients.

“Don’t come to me for the boring and traditional, people choose me because I continually research, review and revise. I love discovering new ways of helping my clients achieve the results they want”.

Many people offer career coaching, what has made Denise stand out for over 25 years is how she uses her energy and creativity to identify trends and adapt and improve traditional approaches for the benefit of her clients. It’s not enough to learn new ways of advancing your career though; you need the determination to turn it into consistent action. Denise is at her best when she is working with motivated clients.

Alongside writing 6 career books, Denise is regularly featured as an expert in the media including The Times, The Sun, Esquire, Metro, Daily Mail, The Guardian Career Forums and was regularly featured as the midnight expert slot on the Phil Williams show, BBC Radio5.

If you are a Career Professional …

I’m a qualified supervisor and on the register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors with the British Psychological Society. Get in touch to discuss supervision

Why Choose Amazing People

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