The Firo ® is ideal for anyone wanting to improve relationships with other people, whether just one other person or with a group of people.

When you take the Firo ® for each area you will get a result which describes:

  • your expressed score– the extent to which you will initiate the behaviour.
  • the wanted score, the extent to which you want or will accept that behaviour from others

The FIRO ® measures your interpersonal needs in 3 areas:

  • Inclusion – Relates to forming new relationships with others, it determines how much contact a person wants to have with others.
  • Control –  Relates to decision making, influence and persuasion between people. It determines the degree of power or dominance a person seeks.
  • Affection – Relates to emotional ties and warm connections between people. It determines the degree of closeness a person seeks.

The Firo ® will show you the extent that your behaviour is congruent, or not, with what you want. It is the start of an in-depth understanding of behaviour and whether you want to (or not) make changes. If you choose not to make changes you will have raised your awareness of the consequences.

The Firo ® is a fantastic instrument to help you understand your own behaviour and the behaviour of others. Using these insights, you can learn how to get along better at work, in personal relationships and in social settings.

The FIRO® is an excellent addition to the MBTI. It helps you to understand likely sources of tension, your leadership style, how to improve decision making, and how to improve communication and to deal with conflict.

You can use the Firo to:

  • Measure what you want in interpersonal relationships at work.
  • Improve personal relationships at work and with friends.
  • Understand how you prefer to relate to others.
  • Identify your leadership style.
  • Clarify how you want other people to behave towards you.
  • Increase your understanding of how you handle interpersonal relationships.
  • Identify how to increase job satisfaction.
  • Improve your effectiveness on teams.
  • Plan your career development.

Sample reports

FIRO-B ® Profile
FIRO-B ® Interpretive Report for Organizations
FIRO Business ® Profile
FIRO Business ® Leadership Report

The Process