Career Coaching will help you discover fulfilling work.

Maybe you are dissatisfied in your career, or perhaps you have yet to find your dream job. Maybe you have experienced frustration trying to do this on your own. If you want effective career coaching, I can help..

Many of us fall into a career without giving it much thought. We don’t take account of what’s important, we get seduced by the money. Or we were chasing someone else’s dream. Many of my career coaching clients chose medicine or law to follow a parent’s dream or because it is a high-status job. Our late 20s can be when we first have these feelings of dissatisfaction. This can return in our 40s and 50s when we know that now is the time to get career fulfilment.

With 25+ years’ experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to get you to where you want to go. I draw on theory (I’m very well qualified as a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Career Development Professional) and thousands of hours working with people like you. People who felt lost amongst the many options or lacked confidence to make a change. I work with people at different life stages, but they share the same objective – to find happiness and fulfilment in their work.

Career coaching results in increased self-awareness, clarity of focus and a plan for achieving career goals. Goals based on both realism and personal objectives. My career coaching will support you to make the career change that is right for you. I won’t tell you what to do but I’ll open your mind to possibilities and then help you decide.

My clients age ranges from 13 – 70+ we can all benefit from career coaching at different life stages. I offer both programmes and individual sessions. I use reputable assessments, guided exercises, and a space to talk.