Think about the costs to raise a child?
How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university?

A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters’ confidence level. Parents are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering Career Advice for teenagers. The investment to choose careers advice for teenagers is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university.

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Gold Career Programme

The Gold Career Programme was developed to help people understand who they are and to enable them to be better placed to make career decisions. In November 2007 it was awarded a National Career Award (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper). This popular programme takes a systematic approach to enable you to understand who you are and clarify your future career direction.

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Career Assessment Package

When you are looking for a cost-effective way to make a career choice. You feel stuck. How are you meant to decide what career will make you happy? You’ve looked at job sites but aren’t sure how you match up, and maybe you have some ideas, but could they work?

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Individual sessions

Career Coaching can be helpful when you want a space to talk through your situation, to get some clarity on your thoughts and some ideas to move forward. The career coaching session is recorded, so you can listen to it again, and it comes with relevant follow up material.

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