Thanks for visiting my site. I'm using this page to say thank you to people who have found out about me via articles published. You can use any of the links above to visit pages. depending on what you need. You can find out more about me via this page – https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/about-us/ But if you … Continued

5 organisation tips for freelancers

Freelancing can be great. You get to set your own hours, be your own boss and control your workload. Most freelancers are creative and enjoy a life that is a little less predictable. However, freelancing can be tough, too. You might not get weekends in the way that your friends do. You need to be … Continued

Top 10 emerging skills and jobs for 2022

With uncertainty in the job market, now id a good time to consider the skills likely to be needed in 2022 I’ve reviewed the Future of Jobs Report, from The World Economic Forum – they say 42% of required workplace skills will change over the next 2 years. These are the jobs in decline: Data … Continued

Changing careers in a pandemic

On the radio again, this time with BBC Radio Hereford and Worcestershire. You can listen to the recording here: As part of the researcher the journalist found: A musician who lost her job of 25 years, and now does painting and decorating A publican who’s become an undertaker A property developer who now sells tools … Continued

Changing jobs

What a joke! The National Career Service ‘quiz’ for retraining. I was on Radio Gloucestershire this morning, and you can listen using this link below. It was quite a fun session and here were my top 3 results – I’m wasted as a Career Psychologist, should retrain as a hotel porter or resort rep! and … Continued

I survived survival school

Back in July 2019 I went on a Vision Quest, which included 4 nights solo time in a wood with just a tarp.  Wild camping indeed! No idea on what I was doing, but always up to learn something new, I’ve been looking to take things further. Closing my Vision Quest after a year, and … Continued

Job Search in Covid

Job search is tough, during Covid, but people are getting job offers and it could be you. But you need to do the right thing – be smart. I was on Radio Gloucestershire last week, discussing this with Anna King Listen to the interview, in 2 parts As always, using your network is important. But … Continued

Your First Job

Second radio interview on BBC Hereford and Worcester today talking about first jobs. This was in relation to an article about how young people are increasingly concnetrated in low paid occupations. Listen to it here: The starting occupations of young people have increasingly been concentrated on the bottom rungs of the jobs ladder despite rising … Continued

Should you take a ‘shop floor’ job?

I was asked to be a guest on Radio Hereford and Worcester today. Things change and the 0845 slot I was scheduled for was given over to another story. But the producer called and moved me to a later part of the show. I’d been contacted a couple of days ago on a story they … Continued

LinkedIn for Job Search

Most people are not using LinkedIn effectively. They copy their CV into the Experience section and many put little into the About section. I’ve previously written masses of blog posts on the topic, going back almost 10 years   A great article to read is this one, How Effective Is Your LinkedIn Profile which you … Continued

Closing my Vision Quest

Last weekend I closed my Vision Quest. It was a year and a week since I went out to nature and spent 4 days, and nights alone. A time to contemplate what was important to me in life. Following this we kept it quiet within ourselves. If I’d shared my thoughts, I’d have had other … Continued