Thanks for visiting my site. I'm using this page to say thank you to people who have found out about me via articles published. You can use any of the links above to visit pages. depending on what you need. You can find out more about me via this page – http://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/about-us/ But if you … Continued

Will we all be part of the gig economy?

The gig economy should be fantastic, we are independent knowledge workers, travelling with our laptop and having a flexible life combining travel and work as we sit in hipster coffee shops. But that’s not the reality for most. It’s more about zero-hour contracts and working on the edge. Earning just enough, but not enough. It’s … Continued

August Newsletter

Early August. Summer time and the weather is still hot. What I like about the heat is that we tend to slow down, which gives us more time to think and reflect. This can be the perfect time to think about where you are going in your life/career and see if you can make changes … Continued

Careers Advice for Teenagers is essential

Think about how much it costs to raise a child? How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university? A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters confidence level. I help young people through career coaching either … Continued

I used to be obsessive

Back when the Lord Of The Rings films were out, I saw The Two Towers over 10 times, think it was 13, and bought every bit of memorabilia I could find on eBay. But that was then. Now … I’ve got more interests and I don’t want to just have one focus. I have friends … Continued

Can’t work in a coffee shop

I can’t work in a coffee shop – I find it too loud to work I know this is meant to be the life for people who work from home, working from a coffee shop, but I can’t work in a coffee shop it is not working for me. I’m not only more introverted than … Continued

Top 40 jobs of the future

Planning a change of career, or seeking to advise your young adult child on career paths to explore? The list of the top 40 jobs of the future is worth a review. We no longer have a job for life, and many new jobs are being created particularly due to new technology. We make choices … Continued

Fast track your career by stepping outside your comfort zone

Fast track your career. Many years ago, a project was failing. 2 project managers couldn’t make it happen. I’d been designing some related training for the project sponsor and he asked me to take the project manager role on. Eyebrows were raised. I was an occupational psychologist, what did I know about managing a project? … Continued


I’ve sent my second parent Focus newsletter out today. If you would like to receive it you can use the form below or sign up here  Some of you will be parents of children planning for university this Autumn or it’s on the horizon. Here are some resources I thought would be helpful Know Before … Continued

CV advice from the experts

I undertake regular professional training to keep my skills up to date. Recently we had a session where recruiters gave CV advice This is the CV advice you need to read, then look at your CV and make changes. Change the objective statement for a summary Recruiters don’t care about what you want, it should … Continued