There is so much choice, and it can be so hard to decide. I’m travelling in a couple of weeks and will have 3 nights on my own after my adventure – more on that another time.

It’s been so hard to make a choice over where to stay.  Until yesterday I had 3 hotels booked and wasn’t sure I really liked any of them. Then yesterday I had a brain wave and instead of looking at hotels in Nairobi, I decided to seek out hotels near the Karen Blixen Museum, and voila – much nicer properties. I’ll need to get a taxi to visit the museums, but I’d probably have done that any way.

Then relax

Or not

I have to take my own camping equipment and thought for 10 days I’ll take a camp bed. I finally found one that wasn’t too heavy, was searching on Amazon for a bag to take it, and my tent, etc. I found a bag, started reading the reviews and OMG the bag is too big for a plane? Who knew?

Time to chat with British Airways. It would cost me £180 to take an oversize bag.

A need to rethink and I’ve ordered a high-quality camping mat. I’ll be sleeping on the floor, but I can do this (positive thinking is necessary, haven’t slept on a floor for 5 years, but I can and I will)

This is life.

We are spoilt for choice.

If we think about a change of career, or lifestyle, how do we decide between options. How can we be sure we have made the right choice; will we be disappointed?

We need to think about what is important. For my hotel it was to be surrounded by nature and to read almost all 10* reviews. For your career it could be one with less stress, an easy journey to work and/or be able to work from home. It could be a growing organisation with scope for promotion.

Something many don’t think about is the value as of an organisation. Do they align with your own personal values? We also need to get beneath what the company lists as their values; do they really act in line with them? We know that many just talk about what they think the customers want to hear.

We can also do research in advance. I would have saved a lot of work and expense and the hassle of returns if I’d found out in advance the maximum sizes of luggage.

Lesson learned, and a lesson to share.

What are your must haves for work?


Or perhaps you will settle, life is good out of work and you don’t take work home (via briefcase or thoughts in your head).

When you get some time perhaps start making a note. It’s not an onerous task, it doesn’t have to be done right now. But if it is in a note book it could be something you can add to.

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