Think about the costs to raise a child?

How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university?

A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters’ confidence level. Parents are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering Career Advice for teenagers. The investment to choose careers advice for teenagers is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university.

For some this will be a university education

… but what course, what university, and what about after graduation?

Not all young people want or need a University Education. Vocational training or getting a job may be the right choice. Too many young people opt for university without any in-depth thought on why. Too late they realise it was the wrong degree for their desired career. Others drop out as emotionally not ready, or not getting support to help with the transition from school.

I can help your child make effective choices for milestones such as GCSEs and A levels.

My Career Advice for teenagers can help young people to choose:

  • A levels or other post 16 study
  • Degree subject
  • Specialism (e.g. for doctors and scientists)
  • First job and possible career path

Career advice for teenagers – the GCSE years

Careers advice for teenagers can help them consider their career choices after GCSEs.

There are alternatives to ‘A’ levels, such as vocational qualifications. This is the perfect time to take the Highland Ability Battery and the information gained will be useful to improve study skills, understand strengths and increase self-esteem. Professional careers advice for teenagers can encourage career exploration, and support them to aim for something they are likely to succeed in. The Strong Interest Inventory is helpful at this age and is a low cost option to help with career choice for students.

Career Advice for Teenagers comes in 3 options.

I’m interested in career advice for teenagers. What next?

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