Think about the costs to raise a child?

How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university?

A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters’ confidence level. Parents are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering career advice for teenagers. The investment to choose careers advice for teenagers is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university.

For some this will be a university education

… but what course, what university, and what about after graduation?

Not all young people want or need a University Education. Vocational training or getting a job may be the right choice. Too many young people opt for university without any in-depth thought on why. Too late they realise it was the wrong degree for their desired career. Others drop out as emotionally not ready, or not getting support to help with the transition from school.

This Career Advice for teenagers service is suitable for younger clients aged 15 plus. It helps with making choices of what to study post 16 – whether it be ‘A’ levels or other post 16 study, and the choice of whether, or not to go to University. There are alternatives to ‘A’ levels, such as vocational qualifications.

The Teenager Programme

Too many young people are unsure of what to do post 18 – should they go to University. If so, what subject and what will this lead to. They need information to help them to understand their underlying natural abilities and have greater confidence and clarity in their decision making. Career Advice for teenagers comprises 3 stages and 2 assessments.


You complete 2 assessments from home. The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective assessment of natural ability and consists of 18 different work samples. It’s extensive, taking around 3 hours (you don’t need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself.
The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the idea that individuals with similar interests are often attracted to the same kind of work and are likely to be successful in a work environment that reflects those interests.
Reports for both assessments are focused on the needs of younger clients.

Career assessments

Session 1:

I carefully listen to your teenager to find out more about their likes, interests, and any ideas they may have. We talk about anywhere they struggle at school and in their wider life. Do they have limiting beliefs holding them back or are they feeling pressurised and need help in processing this. This is a 30-minute session and includes a discussion of the Strong Interest Inventory.

Session 2: The Highlands Ability Battery

We discuss the results of the Highlands Ability Battery in a session that lasts around 90 minutes. The career report will provide suggestions for careers to explore over the coming few weeks.

Session 3: What next

Within 4 weeks of Session 2 we have the final session of 30 minutes to review the exploration phase and develop a plan.

Next Step

I’m interested in career advice for teenagers. What next?

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