Career Advice for Teenagers (18 and under)

This page is aimed at young people aged up to 18. For 18s and over choose: Career coaching with students and graduates

Think about how much it costs to raise a child? How much will it potentially cost for your teenager to go to university? A career coach experienced at working with young people will ensure that any choices are well thought through and increase your son/daughters’ confidence level.

I help young people through career coaching either alone or combined with highly reputable assessments.

For some this will be a university education, but what course, what university, and what about after graduation? Not all young people want or need a University Education. Vocational training or getting a job may be the right choice.

Too many young people opt for university without any in-depth thought on why. Too late they realise it was the wrong degree for their desired career. Others drop out as emotionally not ready, or not getting support to help with the transition from school.

The investment to choose careers advice for teenagers is just a small percentage of the cost of even one year at university. I can help your child make effective choices for milestones such as GCSEs and A levels. Parents are reassured by working with a career psychologist with extensive experience in offering Career Advice for teenagers.  

Thinking about the world of work can start from a young age, coaching and advice can start from the early teens and is highly valuable when making choices for GCSEs, ‘A’ levels and equivalent and post 18 choices.

 My Career Advice for teenagers can help young people to choose:

  • A levels or other post 16 study
  • Degree subject
  • Specialism (e.g. for doctors and scientists)
  • First job and possible career path

Career advice for teenagers at 13/14

Careers advice for teenagers can start at age 13. This is not to define a career choice, but to help teenagers to understand the wide range of possible careers. Professional careers advice for teenagers along with parental support can provide encouragement to help a teenager to find out about careers and to help our teenagers understand more about their strengths and interests.

This may be a good time to take something simple such as the Strong Interest Inventory to help with career suggestions.

As a parent you can start discussing career ideas – please request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1 for ages 11-16.

Career advice for teenagers – the GCSE years

Careers advice for teenagers as they approach their GCSE exams can help them consider their career choices after GCSEs. There are alternatives to ‘A’ levels, such as vocational qualifications. This is the perfect time to take the Highland Ability Battery and the information gained will be useful to improve study skills, understand strengths and increase self-esteem.

Both professional careers advice for teenagers and parental support can encourage career exploration, and career advice and support to encourage them to aim for something they really want to do. The Strong Interest Inventory is also helpful at this age and is a low cost option to help with career choice for students.

Career Advice for Teenagers comes in 3 options. 

1.  The Highlands Ability Battery

(Almost) ALL my clients who have taken the Highlands Ability Battery wish they had taken it when they were younger as the information is so powerful when making career decisions. My clients ask me why career aptitude tests aren’t more frequently used by schools.

When a teenage takes a career assessment test they get to know what they can ACTUALLY do, which provides essential guidance to make decisions over study choices. But schools don’t have the budget for this type of assessment, relying instead on interest inventories. Just because you are interested doesn’t mean you will have the ability to be successful, and many of us aren’t sure if we are interested in something, or not.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a 3-hour assessment to identify natural ability and comes with 3 colour PDF reports (50 pages) including the Career Exploration Supplement to suggest career options. It also improves study skills and increases self-confidence. You can read more and make payment via this page.

2.  A One Hour Discussion

Prefer a time to talk. You can pay by the session. The first hour is £125.

Add in the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) to assess interests. You receive a 12-page colour PDF report along with guidance notes. These is an additional fee of £40.

Further 50-minute sessions are £89 (Skype) and £99 (F2F)

3.  The Teenager Programme – £527

The teenager programme combines the Highlands Ability Battery and the Strong Interest Inventory alongside 2.5 hours of coaching sessions. One of 90 minutes to discuss the Highlands Ability Battery and 2 x 30-minute sessions – the first to listen to your teen and help them think through any ideas they may have and to gain a clearer understanding of options. Following a discussion of the 2 assessments we have a 30 minute follow up to review research and clarify next steps. All discussions are recorded and sent as MP3s.

I’m interested in career advice for teenagers. What next?

Schedule an initial consultation using this link  

Just browsing? Request a copy of ‘Be your child’s career champion, Part 1′ for ages 11-16.

To Go Ahead

The Teenager Programme for clients aged 18 and under is £527. Make payment and get details on preparation and the assessments. Access to preparation material and the SII is immediate. For the HAB I need to personally send on a registration key, it does not happen automatically. You will get access to my online scheduler to book our discussions. This could be by Skype/phone or you are welcome to come to my home office in Cheltenham.

Teenager Programme Payment link

 Choose to take the Highlands Ability Battery as a stand-alone assessment. Read more details here. The fee is £347 for young people 18 and under, and £375 for students and graduates.

Or choose a 1-hour Career Coaching Session £125 – Book and pay

The first step is to arrange to talk so I can learn more about your situation and create a career coaching suggestion, tailored to your needs and budget.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Clients say

“I am so glad we found Denise Taylor online! We were looking for someone to help our teenage son to find his way forward. We were aware of the Highlands Ability Battery because our daughter used them previously. We were very impressed with Denise’s personal and professional manner of working with our son. I only wish we had known about Denise before, I am sure our daughter would have received much more from the process had she used Denise.” ~ Dave

Evie: “My talk with you has been so helpful and I’ve finally chosen my A levels. I’m happy with my choice, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without you so thank you so much.”

Many thanks for your time yesterday. It was extremely constructive,

 and Rachel is now better placed to decide for her future, which is very exciting. The results, I believe, have already helped her confidence as she can see in black and white where her natural abilities are. She is already talking about using the facts when having to write her personal statement for her uni application and has found the whole process both interesting and beneficial and will be recommending you to her friends.

“It was difficult for myself as a parent to be able to confidently advise and guide my daughter in her post A level education. She was a good all-rounder and had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do. It was such a relief to discover Denise who is such a knowledgeable and caring career expert. I am now confident that Rebecca is moving in the right direction.” Carol Crowther (mother to Rebecca)

“It is a journey of discovery; you make many fascinating realisations about yourself along the way. The knowledge you acquire will benefit you for the rest of your life. As for me I have found the programme invaluable in making decisions about my future degree course at university.” Rebecca Crowther