Client Feedback

Coaching Sessions

“You are a very talented person, combining tremendous professionalism and skill with an unusual level of empathy and insight”.

Creating clarity for a high-flying working mother

“In less than 12 months I have been helped by the programme to change direction and increase my job satisfaction. All this when at a personal low and fighting depression” .


“I have received paid careers counselling in the past but do feel that this time, my desired outcome – a job I can truly say I love, may at long last be within my grasp. I found the Highlands Ability Battery to be a refreshingly different and useful tool which complements the knowledge I have gained about myself and my working preferences to date. It is your ability to synthesise results from the HAB, Myers Briggs and an individual’s passions and interests which I believe differentiates you from others in your field”.   

PA to Legal Executive.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide on the Gold Programme provide an amazing insight. This mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful, and patient coaching is a potent mixture for instigating change.  For the first time I feel assertive about who I am at work and, importantly, who and what I am not. I feel confident in my abilities and released from the need to be anything other than myself in defining and enjoying my future career”.


“Thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge, and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you as my careers coach and I shall recommend you to anyone who I speak to who is not sure what to do with their career”.


“Denise is an expert in her field. Her service is personal to each individual and this is what makes her programmes such a success. After 8 years of searching I have finally got back my life and a vision of a remarkable life and career at that. I owe this to Denise’s expert guidance. I will never forget all that you have done for me”.


“You have always been frank and open in our discussions, an excellent sounding board for career frustrations. The Highlands Battery was really useful, as well as a very informative exercise. It confirmed many things that I already knew and gave me confidence that I wasn’t as bad a judge of my own character as I was beginning to feel I might be. The Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory rounded off the package, showing me that many of my career inclinations were correct, while broadening the field of options with jobs that I might not have ordinarily considered”.

temp to ideal career

“Thanks for helping me over the past few months to understand myself better and helping me realise what type of career would suit my abilities, interests, and values. The programme has also helped me understand certain aspects of myself that I can develop in future, both in my personal life and professional career. Making a career change in one’s mid-thirties can be a daunting task, but the path ahead seems far less daunting, thanks largely to your professional and caring advice”.   

Structural Engineer to Landscape Designer 

“From our first conversation on the telephone I felt comfortable and able to talk openly and honestly about the way I felt and what I was looking for. I learnt so much about myself using the online tests along with your skilled interpretations. Almost a year on I am still applying what I learned and considering your advice as I take each step towards a new career and a much more sustainable work life balance”.

teacher to Estate Agent

“The effort you’ve put in on my part, with the support you offered, and continue to offer, after all our scheduled meetings had taken place, has been above and beyond my expectations. I doubt I could have found such professional and caring guidance or such a comprehensive approach, in that you go way beyond what is available elsewhere, and I did a good deal of research before choosing you”.   

Unclear graduate to an  Advertising graduate scheme 

“Denise you are an inspirational Goddess and you have made me love life to the full again!  Your tentative manner makes me feel like I am being treated as a friend not just as a client, which has been immensely reassuring during this important change in career, and life direction. Taking the steps to get in touch with you is the best move I have made in years and it has definitely been a positive life changing experience”.   

Army Officer to a new career in Italy 

“Taking career counselling with you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I also want to thank you for providing such a personal service and for advice on job applications and interviews that provided invaluable. I only wish I’d come to see you years ago”.   

Frustrated Buyer to University Researcher 

“Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my search for a coach, but from the sessions I was pleased to learn that you had made a major career change and had real experience of the challenges faced in doing so – I felt that I was working with someone who had not simply changed career to become an “instant” coach, as was the case for many coaches that I researched”.

Senior Executive

“I contacted Denise at a time when I needed a fresh approach to my career path. By creating a tailor-made package, I was able to work with Denise in an open and relaxed environment, gaining a variety of options that I proceeded to explore and get excited by. I look forward to my continuing work with her and gaining that confidence and positive outlook that I need to progress in my career”.

Meg Reid

“The whole experience gave me invaluable knowledge as relates to my career path and where I should look to focus my professional intentions. I feel more confident that I can follow my dreams and will be successful as you have helped to identify my skills and natural abilities necessary to do this. I would eagerly recommend working with Denise to anyone who was unsure of what they wanted to do with their career, whether this is a first career or a career change much later”.

Taking control of her career, within her company

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic help and support you have provided me with whilst I have been in the process of reassessing my career options. I have found your approach to careers counselling has far surpassed my expectations; not only have I learned about what careers would suit my abilities and interests, I have also learned so much about myself which I feel I can apply to all aspects of my life.   In the past I have paid for careers programmes, but none have had the friendly, flexible, and tailored approach you offer. I have been so pleased with my experience I have recommended you to all my friends and colleagues”.   

Frustrated office worker to return to study an MSc

“I was impressed with your relaxed and informal, yet very thorough approach. I felt that you always gave me your full attention during these meetings. The comprehensive testing at the start of the process, especially the Highlands Ability Test gave me a valuable insight into the kind of person I am. Following on from this, the way in which you guided me through the test results and helped me to come up with a workable plan was excellent. Your detailed understanding of how our personality types affect our working lives was extremely useful here. I also liked the emphasis you put on considering leisure pursuits to satisfy abilities which may not be fully used in our work”.   

Setting up own company as Quantity Surveyor and Building Cost Consultant 

“While working with Denise I found her knowledge and professionalism to be of a high standard. Together with great warmth, care and support, her guidance was marvellous through a rather tumultuous time in one’s life. During the course and after, I gained so much clarity as to where my strengths, skills and interests lie which has enabled me to take the appropriate steps towards a fulfilling career and life.

I admire Denise’s work thoroughly and have recommended her to several people. I would not hesitate to say that, by working with her your quality of life could only improve as you learn about yourself with caring support. She is a wonderful woman. I’ve never met her but feel close to her all the way here in Australia.”   

Temporary assignments to photographer, Australia

“I found my session with you extremely helpful. You listen attentively, turned negative thoughts into positive ones and helped me see there was some light at the end of the tunnel. You helped me extract the important information from my muddled mind and made very useful suggestions for possible future jobs. I found the whole experience, motivating, confidence building, informative and fun!”

Louise Jennings

“Denise made me feel at ease so I could talk to her about anything! Of course with Denise’s experience as a careers counsellor she could offer great advice, as well as make you laugh and see that you do have a lot of qualities about yourself, and how you can put them to practice. I feel more focused on what I want to do now and will be meeting with Denise again to help me through the processes!”

Rebecca Gorman

“Thank you very much for what was a supremely helpful point to focus on. It was very easy to talk to you and certainly did me good! I may be back if I decide after all to let go of that balloon (and perhaps start chasing a new one labelled “Shoe Shop” or “Writer”; I have started a short story about a shoe shop, which may be as close as I ever get! I will let you know how that goes, too.” .


“Many thanks for the session today – it helped provide some very useful clarity on my situation. I feel that I have a much clearer idea of what I can do in order to shape my career the way I want to, and you’ve pointed out some tools and behaviours to enable me to achieve this both in the short and longer term. Overall, a very positive experience – it’s amazing what 1 hour on the phone can achieve!” .

Policy Advisor Cambridge

“What this counselling with you helped me achieve was to be surer of myself and that it was ok to want the things I wanted however grandiose or simple they were. The values exercise was especially revealing. I’m very glad I did it. Thank you!”  .


“Your input has been professional, and friendly and very positive. I feel that I have your support and that I can call on you for experienced and valuable advice. Thank you for working with me so far. It has been enjoyable, and I will continue to learn from it”.

Seeking clarity for her career future

“Last night I went to bed on a bit of a buzz, what a fantastic phone call! You are really good about what you’re doing” .

Robert Bate
New Zealand

“Thanks for your time yesterday, I found it really useful talking with someone independently about things. I feel like I have finally started the process of taking control of my life – my natural tendency to procrastinate has prevented this for the last 4 months”.

Andrew D. Oxfordshire

“It was great to work with you; I really appreciated your supportive non-judgemental “can do” attitude to addressing what had initially felt like a real tangle of issues”.

Nial H

“I found you a powerful listener who asked thought provoking questions” .

Emily J

You took the time to understand me; your service wasn’t a conveyor belt but a support and guide”.

Philip Watson

“It was good to talk through my options with someone who listens well and can give such objective feedback”.

Philip N

Highlands Ability Battery

“I would like to thank you for suggesting I take the Highlands Ability Battery, which in conjunction with your help in interpreting its results have been little short of a revelation for me in terms of understanding my own strengths and weaknesses, and the reasons for past successes and failures”.


“The Highlands Battery Ability Test was very insightful. Your interpretations of the results of the test were even more helpful. I appreciate your guidance on the steps to take for satisfying the abilities and alternative career paths”.


“The HAB was a bit of a revelation to me. My results enabled me to make connections between all the struggles and frustrations I’d had in life, and it explained a lot of my successes too. There were areas that I had strong abilities in that had just never presented themselves to me for multiple reasons – because they weren’t part of my self-perception, because my upbringing didn’t include the opportunity to explore them, because I had noticed a difference in myself versus my peers and thought some were actually weaknesses. The HAB really built my confidence to try new things and trust in myself. Denise’s advice following the assessment was very valuable, she gave me ideas on how to incorporate what I’d found out into my existing career and how to get more out of life. I have been able to plan my career with much better focus, I’m now taking up hobbies to satisfy the abilities that I don’t use at work”.


“For years I was unhappy in my profession but was never brave enough to speak to someone like Denise. When I finally did, it was such an eye-opener and enabled me to realise that staying in my job would have only meant continuing to be unhappy with what I was doing.   I found the Highlands Assessment particularly useful since it gave me the answers to my two main questions: (1) Am I suitable for the job I am currently in? and (2) Am I suitable for the new job I am proposing to take up? With Denise’s help, I have now decided to quit my old job and start my 3-year training to become a golf coach… and, whilst this will result in a temporary financial set-back, I am confident that this will lead to me being happier with life in the long-run.” 

Alan N

“Doing the Highlands with you is definitely one of the best choices I have ever made. I think everyone should do it, young and old, just for the sake of self-understanding and acceptance. Same goes for Myers-Briggs”


“Thank you for your help and support and I am sure that completing the Highland Battery helped to give me the confidence to aim for such a senior position. It’s amazing how much others see in you that you don’t see for yourself!”


“I now know what I am naturally good at! Having a scientific base to the results has made it very easy for me to accept the results and have confidence in them. It is a great feeling to finally have a reason for falling short of my expectations. This will allow me to create more sustainable goals I the future to my abilities. Everybody should complete the HAB and MBTI tests. I thoroughly recommended and I will actively promote your services”.

 Alex B

“The high spot was learning about my abilities, this helped me to understand the choices I have made in studying and jobs, why I was drawn to philosophy, (problem solving) but also why I left philosophy to do more hands on activity such as cooking. I have realised that I am not a purely intellectual person, nor a purely practical person; I’ve tried being first the former, then the later, but neither worked. Now I have to try to combine mental activity with some hands-on activity. I found your approach very helpful and also entertaining.”

Andrew W

“Excellent method to pinpoint areas of personal growth and broaden the skills to understand and best deal with characters different from your own.The HAB was the high point for me because it was a true and fair test of what comes naturally to me. I have been able to identify what my strengths could be if I nurtured them. To me, you were very good. I would recommend it to anyone who was not sure what they were good at, an also who needed help in showing what direction to take”.  

 Nils A

“A fascinating and valuable insight into one’s strengths and abilities, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This will serve me well in my career and in my private life. Absolutely worth the money (even though it is a substantial investment). I am going to suggest my son (age 16) takes the test as soon as his GCSEs are over to help him in career development. Thank you!”  


“Unlike other assessments which are largely about self-assessment I “believe” this one. I really feel that I can make a difference based on what I have learned. I value the results highly and am very pleased that I took it; however, a large part of this was your excellent approach in the feedback”.

Marie W

“The high spot of the assessment was the gradual realisation that I wasn’t making mistakes in my choices and that all I needed to do was to take more account of my abilities and trust my own judgement”.

Roger E

“Thanks for your help and discussion following on from doing the Highlands and Myers Briggs tests the other week.  I’m pleased to say that I have recently been successful in getting been successful in getting another physiotherapy job and am sure that this helped my confidence and presentation of myself at interview.  It also helped my decision making regarding the job itself, and my options, and I am happier that I am going into a job that suits me, and that I will find challenging and stimulating”.


“I am so glad we found Denise Taylor online! We were looking for someone to help our teenage son to find his way forward. We were aware of the Highlands Ability Battery because our daughter used them previously. We were very impressed with Denise’s personal and professional manner of working with our son. I only wish we had known about Denise before; I am sure our daughter would have received much more from the process had she used Denise”. 


The session was very constructive, relaxed, informal, good overview of results, yet able to drill down with more explanation if necessary. I realise now why looking at a blank sheet of paper, trying to come up with ideas is so difficult for me, an why I’m much more adept at sorting out the wheat from the chaff for other people’s myriad of ideas, so if I team up with an ideas person we’ll make good progress. Also, I see the proof that I do indeed get more positive strokes from having made something tangible, outside of work and the need that I have to inject music into my everyday life”.

 Ray B

“I thought the Highlands Ability Battery was amazing. It tested just about everything there was to test, and it is impossible to be happy in your career until you understand yourself. This brought out aspects of myself that I had ignored, were latent or were well known to me, making me laugh when I recognised myself. Well worth it and the whole programme of careers analysis really gets you thinking”.


“Overall, I have to say how surprised I was that the test is as accurate as it is. The person you should know the most about would appear to be the person you know the least about. I guess it is a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees. I think once you are stuck in a career groove, it’s very easy to flounder and not see a way out. It’s then easy to slip into a negative mind set and following our meeting I came away feeling more positive. Outside professional advice has certainly cleared a path for me as to how to play to my strengths and given me a clarity I didn’t have before”.

Runcorn Cheshire

“Thank you very much for our meeting on Friday and your feedback and advice.  I feel that my abilities have been defined and acknowledged properly for the first time, which is down to you, and it gives me something structured to use to make a statement to myself about me, which is great. I feel you explained it in a very balanced and accepting way, although I’m wrestling with the idea of being introverted because I’ve always been encouraged by my parents to fight against that aspect of myself, even to conquer it, so I am going to have to I have a bit of work to do on/with myself in this area to stop me from feeling it is a negative trait and deal with it better.  It was very helpful to hear your own personal experience of it, as I don’t think I’ve ever discussed it constructively with anyone”. 

Marketing Manager

MBTI Assessment

“Having done the MBTI step2 process I have gained a lot of clarity about where I am,it also made me think about where I want to be. The additional information that you provided is very powerful especially when you start thinking about how to put together a team of people and how you must communicate differently to them all. Being able to understand others will take practice but will have huge dividends when thinking about the application of this”.

Clint Gray

“The reports were great, I have taken the MBTI several times over the past 20+ years and never has the feedback been as helpful as this. Denise, you have given me a better understanding of how my temperament affects both my business and personal life. I believe your personal touch and the explanation of the “MBTI Step 2″ has made the difference because of better identifying my strengths and my weaknesses. I really enjoyed when you showed me how I can use the personality traits that are not dominant (traits) to better communicate and make decisions. Very interesting stuff and I find myself already using it in practical application. Sound like an INTJ don’t I?”

Bill Robertson

“I thought the personalized report of the MBTI Assessment was excellent. I got a lot of very insightful tips on maximizing my relationships (business and personal) and productivity which is sure to improve my businesses. In fact, it was so complete that I thought the personal one-on-one session with Denise would mostly be a waste of time. Little did I know what I did not know. The personal session with Denise filled in a lot of gaps and answered questions I did not even know I needed to ask. Suddenly, things that I had read had a whole new level of meaning and understanding.”

Paul Stork

“The MBTI Step 2 report and your feedback call helped me to identify my strengths and weakness even better. You helped me to realize who I am and how I can use my strengths in my life. The consultation and the reports have made me understand which career paths suit me. This was my biggest problem before. I don’t want to make it sound like a bragging but after the reports and the call I have been a happier person, because I am using my strengths and trying to make my weakness better”.


Mehmet Onatli

Interview Coaching

“I was going through an assessment centre/panel interview for my promotion to director in a blue-chip company and Denise helped me to get through the process successfully. I was impressed by the personal touch, experience, confidence, and insightful feedback from Denise – she knows her area.”


“The transformation that you have achieved for me is remarkable. With your help I have learned how to prepare myself, focus on the interviewers’ questions and ensure that I communicate all the important facts concisely and effectively. You have also provided the all-important boost to my self-confidence, by building upon what I did well.” 


“Interview coaching with Denise was instrumental in me passing the selection panel”.

David W

“Good news – I got the job! The whole process was a bit delayed, but I started in July, and it’s going well. They’re currently recruiting 2 more people so it’s bringing back interview memories! Thanks a lot for all your help!”


“Following the Interview Coaching I successfully attended 5 interviews with 2 companies and was offered both jobs!!  I truly feel that the interview preparation I undertook with you was the defining factor as I approached each session thoroughly prepared and with anticipation. I know that the prep I did with you set me apart and really was the difference. Thank you again money extremely well spent as far as myself and my family are concerned. Brilliant.”

Senior Manager

“I would highly recommend Denise’s Interview Coaching sessions. I decided to try them after making it to interview stage but no further on several occasions. Denise was able to quickly pinpoint where I was going wrong and provide me with the confidence and skills to break the pattern. I put these into practice at my next interview and was offered the Job!”


Job Search Coaching

“I thought you might like to know that I have recently gained a job with XXX within their audit department.  It was a tough day, but I obviously impressed them enough to offer me a position.  I’d like to thank you for the work that you have done with me.  The sessions gave me the focus I required to research and perform well through the interview stages, and the CV review was incredibly valuable as it looks a million times better than it did previously.”

Isaac P

“Denise helped me to transform my CV from average to great and gave me lots of good advice on how to proceed with my job search.   I have come away with a new confidence and a clear strategy to follow rather than my previous, rather haphazard approach. Denise is such a pleasure to work with. I am confident of finding the right new position soon and would not hesitate to recommend her.”


“Thank you so very much for last week’s session; I found it immensely useful. I am now really calm about the situation and also quietly excited about the future too. I know I couldn’t have got to this point without your help. Thanks again.”

Senior Administrator

“I have a better understanding of employers’ recruitment methods and criteria. I found the sessions very relaxed, friendly, and informal. It was extremely helpful and offered real direction and steps for progress. Regular follow ups and further advice is really helpful keeping you on track and feeling supported.”

Tim H

“Thank you so much, you helped me get my CV sorted, and I wouldn’t have got the job without your help.”

Carolyn W

“Brilliant help with my job search. I now have a great CV and have appreciated your support in finding a new job. Your confidence in my abilities helped me keep my spirits up.”

Helena Fox

“Thank you for all you help with my CV/applications, I could not have done it without you.”

John Herbert

“Thank you for everything, I was really pleased with my performance yesterday even if don’t get to the next stage I came away feeling very positive.” 

Sharon Atherton

“I found the session helpful because it helped me begin to focus my thinking on a way forward and gave me confidence to start searching in the right areas for my profile and personality.”


“Denise helped me see outside the box and consider paths I would never have thought of before … I now feel that I have a new direction and am truly fulfilling what I want to do. I’ve learned that having different interests and skills can combine to a larger picture.”

moving on from make up artist.

Young People Coaching

“Your comprehensive career counselling has not only made finding a new job fun but has also opened my eyes to looking at new career paths I previously wouldn’t have considered. Through completing the Myers Briggs and Highlands Ability Tests I have learnt a lot more about myself. I now have a greater understanding of my personality; thus, I know what I would be good at rather than what I think I would be good at.

I think what has impressed me most is the fact that you have been so incredibly supportive. You have also offered me new techniques and brilliant advice whenever I have needed it. The time and energy that you have given me over the last year is something I really appreciate. You have given me the confidence to really go out and grab my career with both hands and for the first time I am really excited about it.”

Kate Graduate temp to trainer

“Still unsure of the route to pursue a year after graduation, I considered previous careers guidance limited and confusing. Denise was a breath of fresh air. She offers a very personal and unique programme, which is far more than standard careers advice. She proved to be a sympathetic listener who gave sound practical guidance. The scheme enables me to explore personal strengths, to gain a clear understanding of the way in which I interact with others and to discover the most appropriate working environment for me. Having completed the programme I now feel far more confident and well equipped to handle the process of applying for jobs in my chosen field, aware that Denise is on hand to offer support.”

Graduate to retail management trainee  

“Throughout my time in your graduate scheme I have learned more about myself with each passing week, and with each meeting my confidence in my own worth has grown. The personality tests you assigned me made me realise that elements of my character that I thought were flaws are, in fact, highly desirable qualities in the right place of work … I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the methods by which I have come to be here. Not only were our sessions educational and useful, but they were also tremendous fun.”

Temp to Drug Safety Officer

“You are an excellent advisor and facilitator, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, relatives, or colleagues. It was great to work with you, Denise. I really appreciated your supportive, non-judgmental, ‘can do’ attitude to addressing what had initially felt like a real tangle of issues.”

Victoria Walters
Final Year Student, Bristol  

From the very first session with Denise I felt so relaxed in her company. I felt really comfortable to open up and be honest about myself, and I loved how every session I felt like I was going to see a friend rather than a coach. I really enjoyed your chatty, informal approach and also how patient you were when I was running at least 15 minutes late for each session. And the fact that you understood what I was like, you just took it for who I was.”


“Denise systematically focussed my abilities and interests through several psychometric tests, the results of which were explained thoroughly to me. I now know where my abilities lie and in which direction, I should be heading in. As a graduate it is sometimes very difficult to know what kinds of jobs are available and it is all too easy to take the wrong path. After working with Denise my confidence has soared and now I can really focus on my applications with the knowledge that this career path is the right one for me. Thank you for all your help Denise.”

Vanessa Murray

Business owners

“Thank you for listening, sharing in a very generous, giving manner, and making me feel proud of my past. Your structured approach to taking the next steps are easy to follow and I’m making good progress and feeling much more positive about the future. Your guidance and suggestions “outpaced” two other organisations, making me feel comfortable when other so-called experts did not have the depth of experience you demonstrated!”


“I am good at my work but didn’t really understand about systems. Clients seemed to be taking control and I was always waiting to be paid. I was also not working effectively and needed help with time management. The calls with Denise were very motivating and I was prompted to take immediate action.  I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer, and will continue with regular sessions – what she does is brilliant.”

Web Designer, Ireland

“Imagine having someone objective to bounce ideas around with, someone with personal expertise, and high levels of idea productivity. Someone on your side who wants you to succeed – Denise can provide this for you.”


“I would like to thank you for all your help and support with helping me decide on what career path to take. I was quite confused on where to go with my career when I first met you but after our conversations, I was able to make some good decisions. Your commitment and passion for your work shines through and it is very inspirational to see what can be achieved if you choose the right career for yourself and you are an excellent example for this.”

Small Business Owner, Gloucester