I offer interview coaching and I’ve got a section on my website which covers this. My web site can never go into all the detail on how I work. Let me tell you about how I do interview coaching, and why I’m good at it! Many of my clients have been kind enough to provide feedback on my interview coaching.
You can read about my interview coaching process on my website.
How am I qualified?
I am quailfied to offer interview coaching as I’m a highly experienced interviewer, working on both interviews on their own and within an assessment centre. I still work as an interviewer for different companies. In the past I’ve trained interviewers and was Head of Assesor Training for Royal Mail – responsible for training all assessors within the Post office businesses, I got the training course accredited too. Read more on Denise
What do I do?
Firstly I get detail on the job you are going to be interviewed for. I want to get the job ad and job spec and any information the company have provided. This means I can target specific questions for this particular job.
Once you make payment I send you a copy of my Interviews eBook and your preparation. I give you some popular questions to prepare answers for. I don’t just give you the question, I also provide guidance so you know how to answer each of the questions. This helps us to fine tune your answers when we meet up rather than spending so much time on the basics.
If you expect to be asked certain questions I ask you to tell me. Also, if there are some questions you dread being asked to tell me and we will definitely cover these.
Questions to ask
I ask my clients to prepare 4-6 questions that you will ask so we can review these.
The interview coaching session
Many of my clients are nervous, but I reassure them that I’m on their side and here to help. We don’t do a huge preamble, we get focused on practical help. I check on any areas of concern and make sure the session is adapted to take account of this.
For each question I ask it, as if I’m the interviewer and take notes. I then ask my client how it was for them, how they felt, what they thoguht of their answer, any ideas for improvements. I’ll then give feedback with my interviewer hat on. Then I’ll coach in how to improve.
I’m not trying to change somebody to make them someone that’s completely different from who they are but to be the best version of them.
I’ll share techniques, I’ll provide key tips, and we will carefully review certain questions such as weaknesses to ensure these will be well received by the interviewer and avoid any weaknesses that can give cause for concern.
Presentations are often an addition to an interview and this can be covered within the interview coaching session or in an additional session. Too many clients have boring presentations and intend to read their notes. I know what assessors want and we will create a presentation that makes use of visual aids and gets engagement from the interviewers.
Want to know more?
If I have missed anything, if there are more questions, please let me know. I’d be happy to answer any questions either on FaceBook or direct via an email.

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