We’ve highlighted the vast number of things that you have to keep in mind when looking for a job in our article on Job Search Tips for 1st time Job Seekers so we understand how the idea of a group interview only adds to your growing number of worries as it may be something you’ve never experienced before. To help you out with this, we’ve put together some tips to ace that group interview.


Types of Group Interviews

Now, the first thing we have to address is the type of group interview that you might be participating in. Comeet details that there are two types of group interviews, the candidate group interview and the panel group interview. The candidate group interview involves multiple applicants in the same room, being interviewed at the same time. On the other hand, the panel group interview features only one applicant that’s being interviewed by multiple people and functions more as a group discussion-style interview.

One tip we can give you for the candidate group interview will be to try and set yourself apart from the others. You can do this either via your introduction or your answers to their questions. Avoid generic introductions and answers as much as possible as you’ll need to establish yourself quickly to stand out.


Get The Introduction Right

Speaking of introductions, the BBC highlights how making a good first impression could make or break your entire interview. This becomes doubly true within the context of a group interview as you’ll want to not only set yourself apart, if it’s a group interview, or win as many people over with the short amount of time you have if it’s a panel interview.

One way you can make a good first impression is to keep your introductions concise and pleasant. You don’t want to come off too strong or arrogant during the introductions as it could reflect badly on your character. Just lay down the important fact such as your work experience and skillset and you should be good to go. However, this doesn’t mean that you should act uptight. There’s a perfect balance to this, as you can keep your sense of humour all while remaining pleasant and professional. The key is finding that balance.


Be A Good Listener

While this tip applies to regular interviews, being a good listener can be especially helpful during group interviews. Now, you’ll have to listen to the interviewers attentively but there’s another benefit that comes from being an active listener. Through listening you can observe how the other applicants answer the questions and craft your answers to improve upon their ideas. Let your ideas marinate and improve upon them with the help of your fellow applicants.

Remember to be polite and wait for your turn to talk as doing otherwise could reflect badly on your no matter how good your answer or idea is. This could also show how willing you are to listen to other people’s ideas — an indication that you are a team player.


Support Statements of Fellow Applicants

Speaking of being a team player, it would also be wise to show that you are not averse to other people’s opinions. Inc highlights how being diplomatic is one of the most important qualities of the perfect employee — that companies value people that know how to handle differing opinions.

One great way you can show this is by agreeing with your fellow applicants and supporting their good ideas. Now, we don’t mean be insincere and pander to the applicants and the interviewers but to offer genuine support to their answers especially if they’ve made a good point.


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