Whilst LinkedIn has been seen as the place to advertise and find jobs, there is strong competition from other social media platforms including FaceBook and now TikTok.

TikTok is trialling TikTok Resumes to allow users apply for jobs on video. Just in the USA the pilot companies include Chipotle, Target ,and Shopify.

The social video sharing site issued a statement on the new programme. “Short, creative videos, combined with TikTok’ s easy-to-use, built-in creation tools have organically created new ways to discover talented candidates and career opportunities.” Worth looking at this page to see some examples of TikTok resumes.

Aimed at a younger demographic, Tiktok is due to surpass Instagram in the number of Generation Z users by the end of this year. Currently less than 20% of LinkedIn users are under 25.  In May, eMarketer predicted TikTok will surpass Instagram in total Gen Z users in the U.S. by the end of 2021 and Snapchat by 2023.

Chipotle says – Due to the competitive labour market, Chipotle is continuing to experiment with new methods of meeting its potential applicants where they are. Through TikTok Resumes, Chipotle’s prospective applicants can showcase their authenticity and true passions in unique ways outside of a traditional resume or sit-down interview.

The link to further details is down at the time of creating this post. This may be because the trial has now ended, but likely to return, and another example of the importance of being comfortable using video as part of your career management and job search strategy.

A couple of success stories:

Kalli Roberts’s video application  got her a job as a marketing intern with TikTok in May after she graduated from college.

Elle Wilmot created a series of videos to demonstrate her suitability for the TikTok graduate program in London; she was successful.

Looking deeper this is not really a CV/Resume, more like an introduction. However, if it gets your CV/Resume read it is worth doing well. It’s also a good way of showcasing personality and creativity which can be harder using written (typed?) words alone.

I’ve not got into TikTok yet, too busy with my doctoral thesis, but maybe I should be. There’s a section all around career advice – #careertiktok

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