Are you ready for retirement?

I’m Dr Denise Taylor, I provide evidence-based retirement coaching.  At 64 I’ve been awarded my doctorate for researching what makes a successful retirement, I’ve been running Pre-Retirement Seminars since 1985 and regularly discuss this topic on the radio.

Most people focus on the financial side of retirement, will there be enough money for their future life. Whilst money is important, your life will change significantly and planning for the non-financial aspects of life is essential.

Around the age of 60 you are considering your future. Wanting to know – do I stay in my current work, find something different or make a more radical change? Not easy decisions to make when you are seen as successful. In the back of your head is the voice that says – is this it? Is this what my life is all about. If I don’t make a change soon, will I later live with regret? I get you.

  • At 60 I decided to end my marriage and sell the house of my dreams.
  • At 61 I completed my first Vision Quest – a life changing rite of passage which included 4 days (and nights) in nature with no food and just a tarp for shelter

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Let’s take time to plan your ‘third age’. This is particularly important for people who have had successful careers where much of their identity is tied in with their work. Do you want to call yourself a former banker, lawyer, teacher? And whilst travel, golf and spending time with the grandchildren may be enough for others, you want more. Let’s work together on how to create the life after full time work that gives you meaning and see how you can make a difference as you move into the role of elder.

I want you to embrace this next phase of life. To move forward with purpose. Time to rethink the old views of retirement. We take a broad view, covering these 8 areas in the Retirement Planning Questionnaire and from here we can take a deeper dive into what is most important, to you.

A first session gives you a base line. We’ll consider first your overall attitude to retirement, and the Retirement Planning Questionnaire will enable you to understand where you need to focus your energy. Will it be a few small tweaks or a major rethink? We’ll identify your strengths and areas of focus. We all have different attitudes, expectations, and story and this will be reflected in your next steps as we create a plan that will be personal to you.

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