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Dr Denise Taylor, Chief Inspiration Officer, Amazing People


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How do you make a choice?

Here are the questions you need to ask to ensure you get the right career coach for you.

It’s rare for people to sell their own home – we use professionals, both estate agents and solicitors.  So why do so people choose to manage their career on their own?

Many people will spend a great deal of time working through books, hoping to find the answer, or being talked into a particular career from friends, family or a persuasive recruitment consultant. Then they wonder why they are dissatisfied.

It’s hard to understand all the different elements – how will you understand natural abilities without an assessment? Could you move into a different career without an expert guiding you in developing a strategy to make and develop relationships with those who can help you?

A career coach will help you to achieve your career goals and objectives, whatever stage of your career journey you are at.

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