Dr Denise Taylor, Commentator

Award Winning Career Coach, Chartered Psychologist,  Registered Career Development Professional, Author of 8 books and Chief Inspiration Officer at The 50Plus Coach

This page is for marketing and media professionals, journalists and producers interested in how Denise can help with PR Campaigns, TV and radio interviews, articles and quotes.

Want to discuss a possible campaign, book me for an interview, need some quotes or discuss a possible article? Call me on 07931 303367 or email deniseATamazingpeople.co.uk

PR Campaigns

I can provide expert support to your media campaign: create articles, provide comments, and appear on radio days. I get great feedback. I’m available to work with PR companies working on campaigns such as work, lifestyle, and psychology.

TV and Radio

I’m a seasoned radio contributor with well over 250 appearances. I’ve also been on several TV shows including Tonight with Trevor MacDonald.

Magazines and Journals

I make regular contributions to articles in the print and online media.  Journalists like me as I take time to understand your requirements, provide succinct information to meet their needs, and meet deadlines.

Speaking gigs – Denise Live

From large conferences to small groups and online seminars get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Call me on 07931 303367 or email deniseATamazingpeople.co.uk

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